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Sep 30, 2023

last update: 09/30 @ 17:05

Billie Mae brought her parents up for a wedding.

Well… Maybe they brought her up.

Either way, we get to hang out with her while they are off celebrating.

Which is great! A little one in the house again.

Books to read… Toys to play with…

Birds to watch… Bunnies to count…

Sep 27, 2023

Robert keeping up the tradition…
last update: 09/27 @ 20:53

Robert had an early first class for his second year at UW. I’m not sure who else was stirring to take this picture for him.

He stayed in Seattle over the summer; spent some time working for the Cascades and Tempest Ultimate teams. And he’s now moved into his new dorm for the year and settling into his new class schedule.

Here’s the traditional look back:

Sep 17, 2023

Blue Sky
last update: 09/17 @ 14:03

Splendid weather yesterday for getting out on the river.

Just about 80 degrees.

Blue Sky.

Cool water.

Still low water, though.

I took advantage of the weather to go up the gorge to Rocky Island — very low as you can see. But a great day to be out and about.

While I was at Rocky, I saw a couple slalom boaters attaining up the rapids. I wonder if they could attain Wet Bottom Chute. I portaged that and Anglers but both are short and easy to get up.

I could easily see attaining Anglers (with two paddle blades — that’s my excuse). But Wet Bottom seems a lot harder to get up; I’ll have to keep my eyes open there.

Sep 09, 2023

As promised …
last update: 09/09 @ 17:24

… more pictures from our Seattle trip in the vacations section.

Sep 02, 2023

More Seattle Sports
last update: 09/02 @ 20:19

Continuing the sports theme…

We watched a UW football game with Robert and DZ in the students “Dawg Pack” seats.

Crazy warm, sunny weather — we all came away with at least fresh tans if not some sunburn.

And Michael Penix Jr. delivered a 56 to 19 win.

Lots of fun and a great way to spend the afternoon.

Robert has been a huge fan since he got here last year.

And Sarah and I have been following along with the Pac12 TV coverage. We’ve been wanting to see a game in person and it lived up to our expectations.

Of course, it was extra fun to be able to share the game with DZ, who was also new to the Dawg Pack, but not the Huskies.

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