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Apr 24, 2010

last update: 04/24 @ 20:53
It’s been a long couple of weeks starting the 12th with Sarah’s new job. Then I went down to NC to work on clearing out my folks house that Friday. In between, Robert has has several T-ball practices and his first game today. It’s really good after a couple busy weeks to just chill with a good book.

Apr 15, 2010

Tax Day
last update: 04/15 @ 22:46

It’s that time of year again. Time to pay the piper and all that jazz. While tax season is often one of the least fun parts of the year, we send out our Tax Day letter on April 15th. Of course, for those who can’t wait. You can read it on line as HTML or PDF. And if you want a paper copy and don’t get one, let us know, and we’ll add you to the list for next year. It’s a little astounding to me that this year is the 15th edition!

Apr 10, 2010

After much delay: photos from the remodeling
last update: 04/10 @ 12:28
Last summer’s remodeling seems like such a long time ago and we’ve so quickly come to take for granted the changes that it was fun to go back and gather some photos together of the project. There are more here.

Apr 05, 2010

last update: 04/05 @ 21:08
Summer-tiiiiiiime, and the living is —- wait, what happened to Spring? Doesn’t matter, when the temp is above 80 and the neighborhood kids are melting it must be time to drag out the sprinkler. -Z

Apr 04, 2010

last update: 04/04 @ 10:06
We dyed eggs last night — must remember next year to boil two dozen, one is not enough for all the color and technique combinations three egg dyers can come up with.

The Easter bunny came by sometime in the middle of the night and hid the eggs all around Robert’s playroom — must remember next year that two dozen eggs may be really hard to find.

After finding them all (though we were stymied for a while by numbers 11 and 12), it was time for breakfast.

Sometimes a hard boiled egg really hits the spot.


I’m not sure how many more we’ll eat today — must remember next year that two dozen hard boiled eggs is a lot of hard boiled eggs for three people.

Maybe next year we’ll dye two dozen and invite folks over to our house to hunt (and eat) Easter eggs…

Or maybe we’ll dye three dozen eggs and leave the Easter bunny a note to take some of the eggs and hide them for someone else…

Yard Sale cleanup
last update: 04/04 @ 10:05

The house two doors down had yard sale yesterday. Sarah and Robert went by to check it out and discovered a electric guitar in Robert’s size. However, it was missing the cable between the guitar and amp — that may have been intentional. While Sarah was off on her errands, Robert and I stopped by the local Radio Shack to pick up a cable. While we were there Robert, ever vigilant for something fun, saw a keyboard with a clearance price.

So later that day, Robert, on keyboards, and Johnathan, on electric guitar, put on a concert for the neighbors. I hope this won’t get us drummed out of the neighborhood…

Hmmm…. drums….

Apr 03, 2010

Birthday Season
last update: 04/03 @ 17:45
Birthday season is in full swing and the weather today was spectacular for Nathan’s 6th. Lots of kids from the neighborhood and school, good weather and excellent climbing trees = a perfect morning.

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