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Oct 31, 2004

Picture of the Day
last update: 10/31 @ 16:29
Robert watching the boats and planes on the Potomac. Try the Second October page, scroll down and click on this image for a larger version: there’s a sailboat in the top right and a jet coming in for a landing at National Airport in the middle.

Robert and Company
last update: 10/31 @ 16:29
Robert and the Thursday Mom’s Group Sarah accidently started. More photos from their Halloween party on the Rose Moms site. (A web site David set up just because he liked the name and thought it sounded like a natural.)

Oct 24, 2004

last update: 10/24 @ 18:25
Oops! Those pesky shutter buttons. This is what my boat looks like when I’m trying to shift it around to take a picture of the pretty leaves over hanging the canal. The canal shot is here.

Oct 23, 2004

It’s Geekarific!
last update: 10/23 @ 11:49

Speaking of genius husbands, in a geek-arific move David and Robert are one of this month’s Linux Magazine’s centerfolds. O.K., not really centerfolds but they do appear in the letters to the editor section where geeks send in pictures of themselves (& their babies) in poses with their latest copies of Linux Magazine. Robert gets honors as the youngest Linux reader - being photographed in the hospital, lying on a copy on his daddy’s lap. This apparently garners major coolness points from other geeks. I just smile and nod. As long as duct tape isn’t involved in the same sentence as “your son” I’m happy. (Although David did have a point that it would be one way to keep Robert’s new, bigger socks on.)

Oct 18, 2004

First plane flight
last update: 10/18 @ 15:38
Robert took his first plane trip at age 12 weeks. We flew down to Greenville to celebrate Hank’s 50th birthday with a fabulous surprise party Sally put on for him. More photos in the new October part 2 page.

Robert was a real trooper, putting up with being frisked at the security checkpoint in DC (no photos) and mostly sleeping his way up and down the East coast. Key for this trip of overbooked flights: the $60 seat for Robert made things much easier all around.

Oct 14, 2004

Still working on the post-bath photo…
last update: 10/14 @ 22:07
We’ll keep giving Robert a bath until we get a picture that really captures how cute he is all bundled up in his hoody towel.

Oct 10, 2004

Party Parrots!!!
last update: 10/10 @ 17:31
We took advantage of the lovely weather to wander back down to the Torpedo Factory where we had a chance to introduce Robert to the Party Parrots.
I’m not sure who was more concerned about the Macaw on Sarah’s head, Robert or her.

Oct 09, 2004

Robert meets the Penguin…
last update: 10/09 @ 12:47
Robert and Sarah came in to AARP for a WSO meet the new kids party and Robert had a chance the meet the penguin David keeps in his office. (We won’t talk about why David has a penguin in his office….)

Art on the Avenue
last update: 10/09 @ 12:43
While David was in the basement rediscovering TerraServer, Sarah and Robert were out enjyoing the weather at Del Ray’s Art on the Avenue. More photos in the newly launched October page.

Oct 02, 2004

TerraServer fun
last update: 10/02 @ 21:08
Microsoft (not my favorite company) made a big deal about their TerraServer project when they launched it in 1998 because of the size of the database of aerial photography. It’s still a cool concept: aerial photography of the US. Sunset Drive is the squiggly street and our house is on the bottom, pretty much in the middle (the fifth building from either top or bottom of the street).

Speaking of Microsoft, proof Windows is an operating system in it’s infancy: Just like Robert, when it gets overwhelmed it shuts down and reboots. :)

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