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Jan 26, 2010

last update: 01/26 @ 22:34
Sarah took this picture of the new mound waiting for the big garden. As Robert told me later, he was standing on the “maneuver” ready to fire his cannon — “if you look really closely you can see the black powder.”

He had a bath that night.

I’m sure the “manuever” had aged enough to really be fertilzer, really…

Jan 22, 2010

last update: 01/22 @ 20:33
First Day of Karate.

Jan 19, 2010

King of the cannon ball mountain
last update: 01/19 @ 23:17
We took advantage of the holiday and great weather yesterday to run up to Baltimore and visit Fort McHenry. Robert really enjoyed the cannons and kept talking about shooting them. Then one of the big cargo ships a mile or so away must have started up it’s engines — there was a huge cloud of smoke. I told Robert, “Aw, you did it!” and he was really worried for a couple of seconds that one of his cannon shots had damaged a ship out in the harbor. A couple more photos in Robert’s section.

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