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Jan 28, 2006

Trapped, Stranded, Marooned
last update: 01/28 @ 15:47

The new driveway and sidewalk are going in next door. It was a bit frustrating to have the sidewalk/driveway guy knock on the door and warn us we might want to move our car so it wouldn’t be trapped only to find out the car had been rifled and in a effort not to draw attention to himself, the rifler didn’t close the door all the way. So we had a dead battery. Which explains how our car was trapped by the construction next door.

Fortunately, we don’t need to drive that much. And when they didn’t pour the contcrete as quickly as expected, they laid some boards down so we could get the car out. And AAA was quick to come by and give us a jump.

Jan 21, 2006

No more cranes…
last update: 01/21 @ 13:01
Robert’s Whole Foods is open!!!

Compare this photo to the construction photos.
We’ve been watching this go up for a while, and anticipating having a walkable grocery store again (we can walk now, but it’s not a short walk).

Jan 16, 2006

Must remember….
last update: 01/16 @ 21:50
…that Robert really enjoys a snack at his step stool seat. I expect he will be outgrowing it soon. I just noticed this morning that he now casually rests his arm on the crib railing when he stands up the crib.

Jan 08, 2006

The US Botanical Garden Train
last update: 01/08 @ 16:11
For a little post New Years fun we took a look at the new USBG and caught the last day of the Christmas train. Also fun, seeing the replica of the Washington mall and train tracks rendered entirely in plant detria. (Notice the acorn caps on the top of the fence and the wheat used for the plantation shutters.)

More photos in Robert’s section.

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