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Apr 17, 2005

Men folk (mostly)
last update: 04/17 @ 13:51
The Zapolsky men folk came a calling to check out Robert’s progress…

Apr 15, 2005

And Finished…
last update: 04/15 @ 12:54
Just in time for a visit from Sarah’s brother and nephew from Seattle and dad from NJ, the builtins are finished (except for one piece of trim that ended up behind them) and we’ve moved the Ikea shelves out. We’re still looking for a good way to deal with the CDs….

Apr 14, 2005

Robert shows off…
last update: 04/14 @ 10:07
So we went out to dinner with Robert’s friend Ciaran and his parents. Ciaran has not shown any interest in solid food yet, but after watching Robert eat some bananas, Mike decided to try one more time. After watching his buddy Robert enjoy bananas, Ciaran was happy to eat several bites!

Apr 07, 2005

Mid Way
last update: 04/07 @ 13:58

Middle of shelf installation.

last update: 04/07 @ 13:16

So, the built in, child-safe shelves go in today. It’s a big improvement, I know this. Still, it’s hard to hear hammering & banging in one’s own living room.

Apr 05, 2005

More Baptism photos
last update: 04/05 @ 23:02
More photos from the Baptism and fun around it are in Robert’s Baptism page. Yes, this is April in North Carolina — the sunny south.

Apr 04, 2005

last update: 04/04 @ 22:10
Robert's baptism at St. Lukes - photo: Steve Williams Robert joined the Espicopal Church on Sunday at Saint Luke’s in Boone. Expect more photos of the celebration soon. Sarah, Robert and I want to thank everyone who joined us on this special day. Especially my folks and Steve, Helen and Aaron, and, of course, Hank and Sally, Robert’s godparents.

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