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Sep 20, 2018

last update: 09/20 @ 23:10

Robert joined the boys volleyball club at school. They are hoping it will become a formal team in a couple years. The Titans played well (especially considering they only managed one practice before their game).

Sep 19, 2018

Now with furniture…
last update: 09/19 @ 23:21

Our couch came in a couple weeks ago. And now the remodel/addition is pretty much complete. Maybe another chair; maybe a new dining room table. Both to come later.

We’re enjoying being back, being comfortable and feeling settled. Come visit!

Sep 15, 2018

Happy Father’s Day!!!
last update: 09/15 @ 00:10

Sarah and Robert got us tickets to see Paul Simon.

He put on great show.

Sarah was dubious about any updates to his standards; I thought they were great. If you get the chance, GO — this may really be his last tour. And if you applaud a lot, you too may get three encores.

I hope to be having as much fun when I’m 70+.

Thank you to Sarah and Robert for a great Father’s day gift!

Sep 04, 2018

High Schooler!!!
last update: 09/04 @ 18:20

Robert is a high schooler now. He reports that day one was not the best — I think that’s not uncommon. TC is much bigger than his prior school. And this is the first new school since junior kindergarten — that’s impressive to me.

Here’s the traditional look back:

Sep 03, 2018

Fun and Learning
last update: 09/03 @ 12:19

We’re back from a great trip to Bonaire.

There was time to practice underwater dabs — Robert clearly has this perfected now. See lots of cool things, enjoy a break from DC’s heat wave (it was cooler and more comfortable in the tropics) and just chillax.

And then Robert decided he was really interested in learning more skills and giving back to the diving community. So he signed up for the Coral Restoration Diver class and helped with bringing the coral back to the reef.

Many more photos from the last week in the vacations section.

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