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Mar 31, 2013

Peeps Building and Mining Co
last update: 03/31 @ 10:33
 Sarah’s entry into the household Peep competition. Last year was team effort to build Jason and the Peep-a-nauts. This year, Robert made his own Peep army scene. Unfortunately, it was devoured before being photographed.

 At least by me; perhaps Robert has some photos he took before the demise of his army…

Now it’s really Easter :)

Mar 30, 2013

Happy Easter (egg)
last update: 03/30 @ 09:06
 I may have gone overboard with the Easter egg kits this year, but Robert found a way to take advantage of it.

Mar 29, 2013

FIRST Robots Competition
last update: 03/29 @ 21:44
 For the final day of Robert’s spring break, we headed in to the DC Convention Center to watch the Robot competition. It was lots of fun! More photos in Robert’s section.

Mar 26, 2013

Big Blocks
last update: 03/26 @ 16:56
 These are the big blocks at the Building Museum. After lunch, Robert and Arturo ended up with these blocks all to themselves (well… I got play a little bit too); they built this spaceship.

Spring Break Day Trip
last update: 03/26 @ 16:50
 Robert and I have spring break off this week. Yesterday, we stopped by (in the spring break snowstorm) Arturo’s house to pick him up for the day. But first, they made a Snow Luke — both being Star Wars fans.

There wasn’t too much snow, but enough for a good sized snow man (or Snow Luke).

 Our plan was to metro in to the building museum. It was a good plan and worked fine but there was a short delay on the Yellow Line due to a sick passenger on a train ahead of us causing single tracking.

Good thing the boys are both Star Wars fans and Lego fans — they had a couple Lego guys and vehicles to keep themselves entertained on the train.

The Building Museum lived up to it’s reputation. While not as fun as the huge Lego collection, the blue foam blocks are fun to play with.

 They have two sizes, these small ones, and then the big ones.

Mar 22, 2013

Spring Break…
last update: 03/22 @ 10:21
 …starts with a chocolate muffin (after dropping off the car for some work).

Mar 15, 2013

Robert and his tank
last update: 03/15 @ 21:46
 Sarah was feeling a little under the weather and stayed home and in bed most of the day. But she picked Robert up from school a bit earlier than normal and sent me this picture of him driving his new tank as I was getting ready to leave the office.

He told me he was going to color his hat green, but I have no idea how long the idea for a tank was in his head — the treads (courtesy of Amazon’s packing air) are GREAT!

Clearly boxes make the best toys…

Mar 14, 2013

Robert the Robot
last update: 03/14 @ 22:55
 Robert in his art-class-made robot costume at the big Arts Festival at school tonight. This is the fruit of the Warranty Voiding exercise a couple weeks ago.

Robert couldn’t figure out where to attach the floppy drive we pulled from one of the computers (we ended up taking apart two more much older laptops after Sarah’s MacBook Pro), but he’s got lots of electronic doodads on his chest.

Mar 03, 2013

Culturally Literate…
last update: 03/03 @ 20:59
 …well, I’m sure that’s a stretch. But we took Robert and a friend to the Monster Truck Jam in Baltimore today. That’s “Higher Education” jumping over/on the cars across the (small) arena from us. For the record, it’s as loud as you would expect — we should have had ear protection. Should there ever be a next time, we will have ear protection. And yes, the trucks do jump as high and far as it looks like they do on the commercials. I would have taken more photos with my phone but that’s hard to do with your fingers in your ears — which does work well.

Mar 02, 2013

Team Brick-o-bot
last update: 03/02 @ 20:38
 Robert and the rest of team Brick-o-bot working on their Lego Robotics project. It’s going to be a train with a mangler in one car when they are finished next week. The theme was what invention(s) has changed the lives of seniors. So they interviewed a senior and settled on trains and the old mechanical wringer (mangler) for washing clothes.

last update: 03/02 @ 20:33
 One of Robert’s recent Schoolastic books was a set of 4 heavy paper/card stock models from WWII: a Messerschmitt, Mustang, Panther and Sherman (planes and tanks). I told Robert the next time he gets that sort of book, he’s doing all the work putting them together. Some of those tabs are really hard to get into the slot.

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