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Feb 21, 2009

Zoo Tour
last update: 02/21 @ 22:03
Suz invited us on a private National Zoo tour for volunteers and their families. We all had fun and learned some new things thanks to the fabulous docents. More photos in Robert’s section.

Feb 19, 2009

Fun Project
last update: 02/19 @ 20:42
Robert’s class made stepping stones today and I got to help. I spent most of the morning mixing concrete but I did get to help Robert add treasures to his stone. In addition the the traditional treasures like shells and marbles, we added a hard drive head from one of the old hard drives. It will be very easy to tell Robert’s stone apart from the rest of the kids! (Yes, I extracted a couple chips from the hard drive as well.) Does this count as recycling?

Feb 17, 2009

Girls say…
last update: 02/17 @ 19:29

R: Silver glitter is a girl color.
Me: What makes you say that?
R: That’s what the girls said.
Me: Well, don’t you believe everything those girls tell you.
R: I didn’t! I didn’t believe them when they said all the water fountains were just for girls.
Me: -snarfing soup through nose.

Feb 14, 2009

Sam Playing Robert’s Christmas Guitar
last update: 02/14 @ 20:48
After the memorial service for my dad, and after visiting with family and friends at Steve, Helen and Aaron’s house, the DC and Atlanta gangs headed to Seven Devils for the night. Sam picked up Robert’s Christmas guitar just to exercise his fingers. It was a very pleasant way to unwind after a very tough day. There are a few more photos and a brief description of those couple weeks here.

Eeeeeeeee! vs. Wheeeee!
last update: 02/14 @ 14:53

So, R and Alex weren’t napping and it was free play day. So Mr. Malik made up this great game see, where you roll the tricycle up the hill, aim downward, then stop before you hit the wall. When I saw it: EEEEEEEE! What I heard from R. Wheeee! He’s a boy, this will not be the first time we see things differently.

Feb 08, 2009

last update: 02/08 @ 10:06

Overheard upstairs: (tap tap tap scrape tap)

SZ: “What are you doing up there?”

R: “Nothing! But I’m not breaking anything.”

Feb 01, 2009

New Server seems to be behaving
last update: 02/01 @ 02:31

The 8 year old sever that’s been running this site has finally bitten the dust. The system drive is toast. This seems to be a nice replacement.

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