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Apr 20, 2023

Pod Squad
last update: 04/20 @ 22:23

Apparently, Peep jousting is not universally known.

That was news to us but helped spur us on to a Pod Squad gathering.

Sarah called an educational meeting of the Pod Squad.

Of course, dinner was part of the agenda.

And quite a dinner it was…

Thank you all for the fantastic food (not least the bulgogi Sarah grilled.

Then we got down to the serious part of the evening…

The main attraction was introducing Peep jousting to the uninitiated.

Peeps are on sale now that it’s after Easter, so Sarah made sure we were well prepared.

And someone brough Halloween Peeps to contribute to the games.

In the end, Pocket was declared winner, though Nathan was in it until the very end.

If you have to ask…

Yes, it’s real thing; even getting an article in Smithsonian, proving the bona fides of Peep jousting.

Conspiracy theorists may note that article is written by a Sarah Z. But not our Sarah Z., not THE Sarah Z. so just move along now…

Merry Christmas!
last update: 04/20 @ 22:10

One of the many nice things I got for Christmas was tickets to see Graham Nash. Of course, he wasn’t playing around here at Christmas.

But Sarah and I went to see him last night at the Birchmere.

It’s the perfect Covid bookend: Just before everything shutdown, we saw him at the Birchemere and as he was on stage he said, “This may be the last time we’re together for a while.” There was a lot of Covid news then and the next day, they closed the schools and sent everyone home from work.

Now we’re back; hopefully with most of Covid behind us.

Apr 18, 2023

It’s Tax Day!!!
last update: 04/18 @ 17:17

And that means a new edition of our Tax day letter. This marks 28 years of this tradition!

As always, drop us a note if you’d like a paper copy next year. We enjoy thinking about each person as we stick address labels on the envelopes.

Apr 16, 2023

Hank & Sally are in town
last update: 04/16 @ 22:03

And I got to paddle with Hank before we all met up for an excellent dinner at Rice Paper. It was fun to be on river with Hank again. And great to hear that retirement is treating them well. Dinner with Carolyn, Rita, Chita, Bob, Joy, Sally and Hank was grand.

And we all enjoyed stopping by the place they are staying in while they are in town (Joy has a very convenient condo).

Bonus: Rice Paper gets huge recommendations!!!

Apr 09, 2023

last update: 04/09 @ 18:03

The weather has been typically weird this spring. Today it was beautiful and a perfect temperature for a hike. Two days ago it was sleeting. And two days before that it was 87.

It was a short hike because we started late, but be we did go somewhere new to us: Sugarloaf Mountain.

It’s just about a hour away but obviously pretty, especially on such a nice day. In the larger photo, you can see a bit of the Potomac near the top right (and a hawk enjoying the thermals on left).

We even saw a few rock climbers on one of the rock faces.

There are many more trails there so I suspect we may be back again.

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