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Sep 24, 2005

Playing with Leaves
last update: 09/24 @ 14:49
Robert had a good time enjoying the cooler weather and playing in the African American Heritage Park today. On the way we checked the progress of our soon to be local grocery store (a Fresh Fields with condos being built above it — will the condos even have refrigerators with a grocery store downstairs?). More photos (for those who need a Robert fix) in his section of the site.

Sep 21, 2005

Look out for that wave!!!
last update: 09/21 @ 13:23
Robert really enjoys the water; here the Atlantic Ocean at Tybee Island, GA during a Hendry Family reunion. More photos of the reunion (and Robert) in the vacation section.

Sep 12, 2005

A Non-Robert Entry!!!
last update: 09/12 @ 22:19

Oh my gosh! A non-Robert entry if you can believe it. This is a nice shot of 4 of us St. Elmos moms at our monthly mom’s night out. We closed the place down. It was ugly, they gave us bread and then locked the doors and left. (We were at an outside table.) If we’d just thought to order another bottle of wine we could have stayed there all night. For the most part not even talking about our kids. Until, of course, someone pointed out that we were not talking about our kids and we all promptly started talking about our kids. But, that was nice too because we all lucked out and have great kids. Anyway, I thought this was a nice picture.

Sep 07, 2005

The Baby Bjorn’s Last Ride
last update: 09/07 @ 22:36

Well, it’s a good thing that this has happened but it’s still a milestone. This is a picture of the last ride of the baby bjorn to Penn Quarter daycare. Robert is now too heavy. Sigh, -they grow up so fast.

A couple more zoo photos
last update: 09/07 @ 22:31

For those starved for more Robert pictures, there are a couple more from the zoo on his August page.

I’ll just make myself some dinner
last update: 09/07 @ 21:12

Um, I don’t think he quite gets the concept of “making himself” dinner. Nice lasagna pan he found though.

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