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Alfred Ivarson Hendry Extract from the 1911 Hendry Family reunion photo. We have a partial caption in this version. And Sid Hendry provided this fully captioned version noting who everyone is other than one girl between Alethia and Aileen. I'm happy to take corrections and additions (davewill@kayakero.net); from right to left: Nama (holding Iverson (Pete)), Lorraine (Lorraine Hendry Williams, see Wyman Loren Williams), Eleanor (standing next to Lorraine) Papa (seated next to Eleanor). Enoch Lee, Jr. (Leland) in foreground.
Photo courtesy of Leland.
See also the photo from T, below.

The photo at right of Nama (Nana) Hendry comes from Cooper Williams via Leland. Larger version here. She is the same as the woman on the far right in the extract from the 1911 photo above.

Leland says:
"Nama" ("Nana" to children of Lorraine's siblings) Hendry was Sarah Edith Cooper Hendry. My guess for her age in this photo is about 20ish. It hung "forever" in Mother and Daddy's bedroom.

See the notes from Leland database below.

Nama Hendry from Cooper
Mammy Cooper from Cooper

The photo at left of Mammy Cooper comes from Cooper Williams via Leland. Larger version here.

Leland says:
"Mammy" Cooper was Elatha Edith Manuel Cooper: Lorraine called her "Mammy" and so did her three children; I don't think the children of Lorraine's siblings ever knew her. I don't have her death date, but believe it was before Gail was born. Loren (Wyman Loren Williams, Jr.) says: "She died while I was stationed at Gulfport — that would have been early 1946."

The photo below of Papa (Enoch Lee) Hendry comes from Leland.

Papa (Enoch Lee) Hendry

T. Strickland found this website and sent along these photos.

As Leland pointed out in an email to T., note how similar this is the the 1911 photo above and the larger, reunion version. Clearly these were taken at the same time.
Leland identifies the people as: T's photo is of Alfred and Alethia and their children only; 10 children because 3 of the 13 had died by 1911 -- Ida who had no descendants, Eva Lillian and Mary Verona.

Sid Hendry passed along these names (left to right):
seated in front - Dr. A. I. Hendry, Sr.; Alethia Asenith Bradley Hendry
first row: Dr. Robert Sidney Hendry; Clara Moody; Enoch Lee Hendry; Lizzie Estelle Shuptrine; Winnifred Smith; Dr. Charles West Hendry
back row: A. I. Hendry, Jr. (my grandfather); Sarah Hendry; Dr. George Tracy Hendry; Alethea Hendry


Hendry reunion 1911
Hendry car

T. also passed along this photo on the left, but he's not found the files to help indentify who is who. There seem to be far fewer beards in the 1911 reunion photo.

Kellie Hendry Pritchard found this excellent link which lists the people in the photo. That site would like the photo credited with this (but bear in mind the copy I have came from T. Strickland): State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/26654

L-R: George Washington Hendry, brother to Captain Hendry and County Judge; Mary Jane Hendry Blount, sister of Captain Hendry; William Marion Hendry, brother to Captain Hendry and first postmaster of "Myers" as well as a state representative from Polk County and a clerk of the circuit court of Lee County; James Edward Hendry, Jr.; James Edward Hendry, Sr., son of Captain Hendry and first Lee County treasurer; Captain Francis Asbury Hendry, "Cattle King of South Florida" - He was a state senator, served as one of the first Lee County commissioners and was a state representative for Lee County from 1893 to 1904. In the background is a 1909 Cadillac.

And T. passed along this copy of the Marriage license between Dr. Alfred Iverson Hendry and Althea S. Bradley. He got it at the Liberty County Probate Office.

T. says: My Grandmother was Waister Mae Hendry, simply called Mae: born Aug. 30, 1905 and died Feb. 23, 1979. She was the daughter of George Robert Hendry born 1863 and died 1910 and Mary Elizabeth Tuten. He was the son of George Hendry born 1787 died 1852 and Levicy Amanda Fuller. He was the son of Robert Hendry born 1752, died 1830 and Ann Lee. He was the son of John Hendry.

Hendry car
Melinda's copies of the 1910 photos

In July 2021, Melinda Freeman happened to stop by. She was surprised to see her family photos here. Her versions are left and captions are below. Melinda said:

These are MY Great Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles.
My Great Grandmother was Winifred Hendry. All of the same geneology from our old Hendry Bible.

Our family photos. My great grandmother was Winifred Holmes Hendry. My grandfather; Frank, wrote the names from that Hendry photograph.

Hello David! So exciting to find long lost relatives. Please feel free to share any photos or posts.
Here are recent photos of my Mother; Winifred Hendry Smith Stubbs, with a new generation of Hendrys. Peter Hendry MacKinnon. [I didn't add that one to the website.] I also found Little Mommy's (Winifred Hendry Smith) obituary.
Let’s stay in touch!!!

So I am on page 10. Descendant of Winifred Holmes Hendry (Smith). She was my great grandmother...hence the Winifreds: my Mother and Daughter.
Winifred Hendry was daughter of Alfred Surgeon in Civil War. She and "Big Dad" ended up at old home place in Clayton GA

There is a SCANDALOUS story about Little Mommy (Winifred Hendry).
She was one of the first women accepted to medical school in Georgia. She was packed and on her way to Med school and made a stop on the journey to stay with relatives. During that stop she met "Big Dad" : Henry Calvin Smith. Story goes that she became pregnant with my great aunt Alethia!!! SCANDALOUS!!! She never made it to Med school. I have her trunk that she took on that journey.

Names for the 1910 photos written by Melinda's grandfather, Frank Names for the 1910 photos written by Melinda's grandfather, Frank

From Leland's genealogy database:

SARAH EDITH COOPER, daughter of PINCKNEY WALKER and ELATHA EDITH MANUAL, was born 26 May 1879, and died 03 Nov 1963 in Savannah, Georgia. She married ENOCH LEE HENDRY 10 Jul 1901, son of ALFRED HENDRY and ALETHIA BRADLEY. He was born 03 Apr 1873, and died 11 Feb 1944 in Savannah, Georgia. She is buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery Lot 2867, Savannah, GA.

PINCKNEY WALKER COOPER was born 17 Aug 1849, and died 12 Nov 1921. He married ELATHA EDITH MANUEL.


i. SARAH EDITH COOPER, b. 26 May 1879; d. 03 Nov 1963, Savannah, Georgia; m. ENOCH LEE HENDRY, 10 Jul 1901; b. 03 Apr 1873; d. 11 Feb 1944, Savannah, Georgia.

ii. LILLIE COOPER (PINCKNEY WALKER) was born 02 Feb 1890, and died 10 Sep 1974 in Savannah, Georgia. She married HENRY EVANS SIMONS. He was born 04 Mar 1890, and died 12 Feb 1972 in Savannah, Georgia.

Leland has provided extracts from his September 2011 version of Outline Descendant Tree for John Hendry (born circa 1720) and a Genealogy Report for Descendants of John Hendry from his database. They concentrate on Alfred Iverson and his descendants.
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Hendry Family Reunion Minutes: