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Mar 24, 2018

March for Our Lives
last update: 03/24 @ 21:40

We joined about a half million other folks at the March for Our Lives in DC today. It gives me hope to see that the next generation may fix a problem we’ve let linger too long.

We hosted one of Sarah’s high school friends who brought her daughter down for the march.

It was a good turn out for a good cause but sad that it’s gotten this bad in our country.

(This picture was during the build up; I headed back towards the White House as it started to get crowded this close to the stage.)

Mar 11, 2018

Now you see it …
last update: 03/11 @ 11:29

… Now you don’t.

They took down the wall between dining room and kitchen, the original back wall and the downstairs back wall of the 1976 addition. That really opens it up.

It also really creates a lot of dust. I was less aware of the dust when we did work on our house in Richmond when I was growing up. I remember my mom complaining about how it got everywhere. I completely get it now.

The general plan is to add a counter between dining room and kitchen, open on the right and keep the kitchen open to the expanded addition in the back.

The stove will go along the exterior wall between where the windows used to be (topped with an exhaust fan).

The windows have been roughed into the addition but are still covered. The skylights in the addition have been cut out, but the roof is still tarp covered.

And on the right, you can see the framing for the new, downstairs powder room.

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