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May 21, 2016

Tradition continues…
last update: 05/21 @ 21:02

Los Tios remains the “go to” for birthday dinners. We managed a great mix of friends from the moms group and parents at Robert’s school. Hmmm… there is a pattern there…

And Robert wins too…
last update: 05/21 @ 18:04

Sarah got a new, adjustable desk (in addition to the Nerf bows) and Robert got the desk packaging; which makes a great Hoth.

Birthday Girl!!!
last update: 05/21 @ 11:20

Sarah has a momentous birthday today!!!

We had plans to celebrate with her book club friends at a cabin on Antietham creek. But the weahter turned against us.

The day started with biscuits, coffee (tea) and Nerf Bows!

Next up, Jungle Book and meeting friends at Los Tios for birthday dinner.

May 11, 2016

Back from West Virginia
last update: 05/11 @ 16:07

Robert and I spent two-and-a-half days in West Virginia with his sixth grade class. We saw the sun — for a couple hours. But it really it didn’t dump, more Seattle-like rain while we were there. And pretty close to Seattle temperatures so not too cold at all (in my opnion — I stayed sockless).

May 05, 2016

6th Grade Recital
last update: 05/05 @ 22:58

We didn’t really catch the subtle reminder about nice clothes for Robert for his recital this evening. At least he’s rockin’ the Columbia shirt from his cousin’s graduation.

He and his fellow woodwinds did a fine job. As did the rest of the 6th graders.

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