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Dec 25, 2017

The Chef and her Goose
last update: 12/25 @ 14:10

Sarah doing an excellent job cooking the goose.

Yesterday, she was on tap to cook two . I wondered aloud if it was possible to do a goose on the grill — two in our oven is really a tight fit (we’ve not remodeled the kitchen yet).

She put on her researcher hat and lo and behold: it is, and it is really good, and maybe even easier than in the oven.

There could be more goose in our future.

last update: 12/25 @ 14:06

The Saturn V is complete — one day and before we leave for dinner. That’s just too fast :)

The complete rocket is a meter tall.

It comes with the cool display stands.

And the lunar lander and splash down mini-displays.

With mini-astronauts.

Opening in Earnest
last update: 12/25 @ 11:45

Robert let us sleep in a bit after a fantastic Christmas eve meal and party at the Hargadon’s. And then we got on to the serious business of unwrapping all the great gifts that were in the stockings (and next to the stockings) and under the tree.

Robert got the next size up PJs from this Atlanta kin; the whole Williams clan has matching PJs.

Sarah got some books off her list. And also from her wish list: a new Scan Pan (currently in use on goose gravy for dinner).

I got tickets to see Sweet Honey in the Rock when they come to The Birchmere.

But really, it was very Legoy Christmas…

We each got a stocking stuffer set to build. Robert got his parents cool sets (I have a drilling truck now).

And we got Robert the Saturn V rocket, crazy big set.

He’s already halfway through building the rocket.

Dec 24, 2017

Early present opening…
last update: 12/24 @ 12:19

… Normally frowned on here but if folks come all the way from Seattle bearing gifts and say, “You should open this now.” What are you gonna do?

Robert and Ian both got Sphero minis; the cats lives will never be the same.

Thank you David Z.!

Dec 03, 2017

Looking a lot like…
last update: 12/03 @ 20:18


We picked up our tree today.

We are a little earlier this year as our local (walkable) tree guys sold out last year when we waited longer.

Then I ran to the river for a quick paddle — it was 55 and bright and sunny.

Robert and I moved the tree in while Sarah was off singing the Messiah.

Then we all reconvened for lighting and decorating.

(And dinner.)

Robert had the great idea to make a tree for his cubby at school.

And a couple more for favored teachers.

His has lights, their Chrismas trees have ornaments but we didn’t have any more of the micro lights.

Maybe we can see them in place at the big winter show in a couple weeks.

All very cool in my book.

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