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Apr 27, 2017

last update: 04/27 @ 18:04

That stands for: Take Your Son Or Daughter To Work Day. And it’s very hard to pronounce. Robert seemed to really enjoy it. They programmed Lego cars to follow a course and did some Scratch programming — even hooking up Makey Makey controls to the Scratch program.

It looked like fun to me (and I enjoyed having Robert there).

Apr 22, 2017

Math Festival
last update: 04/22 @ 15:43

We met up with Travis and his mom and headed into to DC to the Math Festival. It’s not as crazy big as the Science and Engieering Festival.

That meant almost no line for the Oobleck Olympics, which included a huge air cannon as the final challenge — knock over the cups with a puff of fog.

Robert was on the Eagles team. They did really well. Travis was ensconced at the origami table.

Step one was pouring 2.5 gallons of water from one bottle to the next, step two was making a huge bubble, step three was a run across Oobleck (from which comes the name).

There was plenty of other fun to be had:

Tangrams, puzzles, games, right turn only maps,

And several speakers and presentations that we skipped.

It was more manageable than the bigger science festival.

And we ran into one of the math teachers from Robert’s school.

The only downside was after running around there, the rain was more of a setback for our plans to join the science march. We were there in spirit and cheered on friends who marched.

Apr 16, 2017

last update: 04/16 @ 10:27

We have a new technique for our eggs this year: Robert and Sarah found Painters, paint pens.

Clearly a step beyond our previously adventurous rubber band wrapping. Sarah’s flowers are great!

They were a very cool addition.

Perhaps not completely traditional, but fun nonetheless.

And helps to make it worthwhile to really stretch to get that last egg hidden by the Easter Bunny.

It promises to be a hot Easter this year (something we should be getting more used to I suppose).

We’re finishing up our Tax Day letter (check back on Tuesday, thanks to DC’s Emancipation Day holiday). Then we have a couple outdoor excursions planned.

Apr 12, 2017

Rite of Spring: Recital
last update: 04/12 @ 21:43

Robert is keeping up with the sax — maybe not practicing as much as we’d like. But Cathy and Michael, the music teachers, are fine with his growth.

Tonight was the 7th grade recital; they were performing as ensembles: woodwinds (Robert and crew), strings (violins) and chorus (with some guitar and piano help).

It was a fun evening. I can’t stop myself from looking back. We’re thinking chorus next year, so this may be the end of the saxophone road.

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