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Mar 26, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge
last update: 03/26 @ 21:41

What the heck, it’s cheesy yes but also very fun. Went to a ridiculous indoor water-park in Williamsburg, Va and had a blast. It helped that three of R’s best buds were there too and they all loved playing sharks and minnows in the ‘crooked creek’ area. Emmet liked the wavepool best and Nathan seemed to like it all, especially the climby-thing. It’s a cold, grey and rainy spring break and we had a ball.

Mar 21, 2010

last update: 03/21 @ 13:10
Robert met up with Nathan at the Blue Park then they rode their bikes over to Maury. There was a cool slalom course set up at Maury, but the guys didn’t think that much of it. Maybe it will be more appealing after the training wheels are off and and you can really lean into those turns…

Can you identify this snake?
last update: 03/21 @ 13:06
Our new resident. Actually, living under the back porch and guarding Robert’s scooters and bike. So far, I’ve not thought of a nice way to convince him (or her) to move back to the fence and the wilder portion of the yard. Any ideas what kind of snake this is (other than small and brown)?

I guess I should go for something other than cell phone camera to get a better shot…

Mar 15, 2010

last update: 03/15 @ 21:10
Hank sent along this proof that I was there too. Of course with Photoshop (that’s the Gimp to the geeks in the audience)…

Mar 14, 2010

Conway River
last update: 03/14 @ 21:59
Sarah and Robert had an appointment with a mouse (a birthday party at Chuckie Cheese’s). But I was happy to go boating when Hank called. After all the rain, we had an idea where we were going to head.

And a morning review of the gauges looked good for the Conway River, a tributary to the Rapidan, which we’d not been on before. Mark and Mark had exchanged email with Hank earlier and they were up for the trip.

While it rained most of yesterday (it would have to in order to bring the river up) and it rained a good part of the way there, the rains lifted while we were on the river and the sun even broke through for a while.

It was a great trip, lots of fun class II with some IIIs thrown in (one good sized double drop. And luckily for us, no barbed wire fences across the river. There were several trees though (note the canoes portaging above — the river wide strainer is on the right).

This was a really fun trip; the river was bank full but not overflowing. The current was pushy and there weren’t many eddies, but the couple times we needed them, there they were. We did have to get out three or four times for trees across the river.

I thought it was more fun than the Covington, but maybe that’s just because the Conway is fresh in my memory and the last Covington run was years ago. An excellent reason to return.

Mar 13, 2010

Oh, THAT flood watch
last update: 03/13 @ 15:52

Not too many people at the Farmers Market this morning. Even less down on Union St. mainly because they’d have to swim. But I felt sorry for the still-open river-side Starbucks and bought a pity latte as the helpers swept back the tide. -Z

Mar 02, 2010

Port Discovery trip
last update: 03/02 @ 23:50
Robert enjoyed lots of things from our trip to Port Discovery (warning, Flash content at that link) last weekend. Here he’s drawing on the light table. There are several photos from the water room in his section.

A final sledding run
last update: 03/02 @ 23:43
We took advantage of the President’s Day holiday to get a little more sledding in before the snow melts. There are a few more photos in Robert’s section.

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