Port Discovery, February 2010

February 28, 2010. The snow has mostly melted; there's just bit of the igloo left in the back yard. On Saturday, Robert helped to saw up the branches that littered the backyard (the stack by the tire swing is just a tiny fraction). And Sunday we decided to head to Port Discovery -- Robert and Sarah have been a couple times but this was my first chance to go with them.
After a quick visit to the "Diner" where Robert and a dozen other kids were busy taking orders, preparing meals and delivering them to family and friends, we headed into the water room. February 28, 2010.
February 28, 2010. February 28, 2010.
February 28, 2010. There was a model eco-system with clouds raining down a mountain slope into a river with locks for boat traffic around the rapids before the "ocean." There were Lego boat works where you could discover the load that tended to be too top heavy (three layers of blocks) and flipped your boat. There was a glass wall with spray water bottles and squeegees...
February 28, 2010. February 28, 2010.
...Then there was the very wet area; water pipes, squirt guns (and musical targets) and low pressure fountains. We stayed in the water room a long time. February 28, 2010.
February 28, 2010. February 28, 2010.
February 28, 2010. I was a bit surprised we spent as much time in the water room as we did since I'd heard the main attraction was...
... the three story climbing tower: rope bridges, ladders, slides, all sorts of cool things to climb on. And mostly impossible to do justice to in a photo. I guess we'll have to go back so I can try again. February 28, 2010.
February 28, 2010. Robert was also fascinated by the light table and architectural templates he could use to draw up plans. He even made some plans for one of his teachers and took it in to her on Monday. I'm sure we'll have a chance to enjoy Port Discovery again.
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