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Mar 31, 2022

Latest NHS member…
last update: 03/31 @ 22:23

…Well, not quite.

There were two people behind Robert at the induction ceremony for the National Honor Society tonight. (Pesky alphabetical by last name)

We’re very proud of Robert for this recognition.

And it looks like he’s in good company.

Maybe the planet will be OK after all.

(Gotta love the stylin’ MacNaughton wear!)

Mar 27, 2022

Robert’s new sport
last update: 03/27 @ 18:59

Robert has taken up Ultimate Frisbee for the spring. It was barely feeling like spring today (just a few flakes of snow) as the Titans won their third game to remain undefeated.

Robert scored this point for the team!

Mar 19, 2022

First 2022 Potomac trip
last update: 03/19 @ 22:54

It was a perfect day to take advantage of Daylight Saving Time and get out on the river in the evening. The water was still cold, but the air was about 77 and a lovely blue sky (completely over exposed in this photo, sorry).

And an excellent way to welcome Spring!

Mar 14, 2022

We have a Winner!!!
last update: 03/14 @ 23:08

Robert accepted the admission offer for University of Washington!!!

Now we have a Huskey in the family!


Mar 06, 2022

Fun game
last update: 03/06 @ 11:38

We went to go see the Caps vs. the Kraken last night. It was a fun game.

But, as Robert tweeted to his friends, especially cool to see the Seattle Kraken play on the same day he heard he was accepted into UW!!!

He’s really happy about that and likely to be a Kraken fan (unless they are playing the Caps).

And, for the record, the Caps won 5 - 2 last night.

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