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Apr 25, 2021

Spring Green
last update: 04/25 @ 18:22

The trees are a lot greener than they were a month ago.

The water, however, is still cold.

Nice day to be out but it would have been OK if I had not flipped coming off the wave on in the Virginia chute.

Still, nice to get out and paddle around a bit.

Apr 14, 2021

Sneak Peek
last update: 04/14 @ 22:00

I know it’s not quite the tax day yet, but the new Tax Day letter is in the can and will go to the post office tomorrow. If you normally get a hard copy and happen across this before it shows up; here’s your chance to see it now.

As the listing page says, “Christmas has proven too hectic for writing an annual letter, so I elected to do our annual letter writing for tax day. I hope this makes a typically less fun time a bit more fun (it does for me!).”

If you’d like to get a hard copy next year, just let us know and we’ll add you to the list.

Apr 04, 2021

The tradition continues…
last update: 04/04 @ 13:11

The Peep-o-rama tradition is back…

This year, fittingly, Sarah opted for a vaccine Point of Delivery.

She has been working PoDs over the last several months (and Robert and I got to see her in action yesterday).

Note all the details: vial of vaccine (courtesy of yesterday’s PoD), humongous syringes (jut kidding), poster for the CDC V-Safe app…

The masks add the special touch (and were hard to put on). Note how they cover both nose and mouth as recommended by the CDC.

When the that front wall comes up, you even see the traffic flow pattern: in one door, out the other.

Kind of sad that Sarah has all the details down, but the Peep-o-rama is really cool.

Robert’s Rocket
last update: 04/04 @ 13:03

This year, Robert’s Peep-o-rama is rocket based.

But not just any Rocket….

…That’s clearly the rocket from The Martian.

And not just that…

Blue Martians coming to check it out.

And points for the red planet’s red surface.

With more time, some rocks would have added to it.

The antenna to communicate back to Earth seems very apt as well.

(In the background, Sarah is working hard on her PoD.)

Apr 02, 2021

Easter weekend
last update: 04/02 @ 23:00

We had plans to join Loren and Susan on Ocracoke. But Alexandria is pretty adamant in recommending limited travel over spring break.

And now Robert has a vaccine appointment on Saturday; so it’s for the best, long term, to stay close to home and plan to do our visiting later in the year.

At least the vaccine is here, getting into arms and visiting is a lot less questionable this summer than last.

Looking up
last update: 04/02 @ 22:55

I got my first shot on Wednesday. Robert is scheduled for tomorrow. (Sarah is has been fully vaccinated for weeks now.)

So we’re starting to make summer plans.


After a year…

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