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Aug 30, 2023

Seattle Mariners
last update: 08/30 @ 20:12

Typical Seattle weather, according to Robert.

Sarah and I were less convinced as it was cool and rainy when we go here.

But today has been pretty splendid.

And Robert got us tickets in a great spot.

Seattle was in the lead in the league, then in a three-way tie.

Their win today helped…

Sarah got this fantastic shot of the action.

And then I got lucky: I thought I needed a shot to post here.

And wanted to show off the sunny field — it did shift a lot between cloudy and sunny, but the roof stayed open the whole time.

Look closely: the Mariners are stealing second and third.

I’ll have to post the full size image too (later)…

Aug 28, 2023

Getting pretty low
last update: 08/28 @ 15:38

I got back on the river yesterday afternoon. But it’s getting really low. I had trouble finding a route up to the Maryland chute.

Getting across to the Virginia chute was rocky.

And coming back the Maryland side, I had to push myself over some rocks to get past Golfball Island. There is starting to be little place to put a paddle into the water.

I expect we’ll get some rain in the next few weeks the level will gradually start to rise again.

Aug 20, 2023

Another nice day on river
last update: 08/20 @ 18:25

Blue skies and warm temps.

But low water.

Still fun though.

SZap opted for the duckie this time.

Aug 14, 2023

We got to paddle with Pocket!
last update: 08/14 @ 19:35

Pocket said she’d like to join us on the river this summer. It’s taken until now for both Sarah and I to feel healthy — pesky summer cold.

So we paddled up to my new favorite selfie spot — but that rock ledge needs to be more level…

Our heron was further downstream for this trip.

Playing in Angler’s Inn
last update: 08/14 @ 19:34

David and his canoe running the Maryland chute (photo by SZap).

It was pretty low, about 2.9, making it pretty much perfect to introduce Pocket to this part of the Potomac.

She’s done a lot of flat water boating (she joined us in storming the castle a while back) and expressed an interest in getting more comfortable in rapids.

Sarah opted for her paddle board for this trip.

Fortunately, the electric pump she picked up a couple years ago continues to serve us well.

It would have been hot work to pump up both inflatables in the 90 degree heat.

Fortunately, the water was still cool and the sky a perfect blue!

Keen eyed observers will note that Sarah’s and Pocket’s runs are both the Virginia chute.

We pulled the boats over the rocks to paddle up to the gorge, came back down and they ran the Virginia chute an extra time before we headed back to the Maryland side for one more run (after a brief portage).

Aug 09, 2023

Small tale of woe…
last update: 08/09 @ 19:51

It’s like this…

I’ve had these servers in the basement for the last 5 years; which include the renovation we did a few years back. So they’ve been running 24X7 in some dusty conditions. I have plans to replace them soon…

But, the /home hard drive for our internal server started to fail. It went read-only on the 4th and I ordered a replacement. New drive arrived two days later; was actually correct :)

So I formatted and started to copy files back. Copying from the failing disk was not an option — it looked like was going to take about 140 days (and I had no good feeling about the conditions of the files).

So I started to copy from the recent back up I have. That took hours to get the ~900GB back (but better than days).

Unfortunately, I started my copy back with “cp -a;” it looks like that did not copy my hidden files. So I switched to good ole rsync. But I only realized the missing hidden files after I remounted the new drive as /home and rebooted.

When I went to use good ole rsync to restore those, I accidentally was too broad and updated my Maildir from the backup after postfix had delivered my new mail.

Thunderbird was not happy about that; after about 15 hours of 100% CPU use (one of eight CPUs so not really noticable), my inbox still looked really off.

So, I fell back to an older backup of Maildir on the server and .thunderbird on my workstation. All is right with the world except…

I lost email for the last 6 days :(

For the 3 of you out there who might send me email at my preferred address — I missed anything you sent from the afternoon of 8/3 until now.

Aug 05, 2023

Summer colds and…
last update: 08/05 @ 22:37

I started feeling unwell at the end of June. After three negative Covid tests and two negative strep tests the consensus is summer cold. But it really hung on.

Robert, however, did test positive for Covid about two weeks ago. He reports feeling on the mend, but did miss a fair amount of summer quarter classes.

And Sarah ended up with her summer cold about a week ago. She, also, is feeling better. And felt up to a little hiking/bushwhacking while I was on the river this afternoon.

With luck, the whole family will be feeling fine next week!

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