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Nov 09, 2014

Maryland Zoo
last update: 11/09 @ 20:56

Ever since the National Zoo decided to concentrate on elephants and shipped their giraffes to Florida, Sarah has been pining for giraffes.

So we drove up to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore today to check out their giraffes.

They have four.

And they were outside on view.

One even ran a little bit — which is very cool to watch.

We were too late to feed one; apparently he (or she) was already well fed by the time we arrived.

The lionesses were very cool and looked a lot like Panzer — he really does have the lion color down pat.

And it must have been close to feeding time or something for the cheetah. It was pacing back and forth around it’s pen and right by this window.

Robert’s group in school is the Cheetah Clan, so this is especially pertinent.

Unbeknownst to me, the Maryland Zoo is famous for their penguins. They have about 55 of the African penguins and we happened to be there for feeding time.

A fun afternoon. Not as convenient as the National Zoo, but Maryland has giraffes!

Nov 02, 2014

Super Cow
last update: 11/02 @ 16:32
 It’s like this: There was a cow invasion over the summer at Robert’s school’s West Virginia campus (they run a summer camp there). And they had a lot of trouble convincing the cows to leave their fields and return to home pastures.

So for the closing weekend, there were cow-themed prizes for the various chores completed. Robert ended up with a mask, cape small plastic cows, pencils and cow colored wrist bands. Thus was born… Super Cow!

It was a cold weekend, but still filled with the usual fun (this year including Broadway Musicals re-written in light of the cow theme).

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