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Apr 14, 2015

20th edition of the Tax Day letter…
last update: 04/14 @ 22:48

I was a bit surprised to look back and see this makes number 20 — also available in PDF. Extra bonus plus points to anyone who comments here on the typo corrected in the HTML version. Sorry, I didn’t catch it before we’d printed all the hard copies — and (look out, hint coming up) since I didn’t actually link up the links in the PDF, I didn’t correct it there either.

As the index says, “Christmas has proven too hectic for writing an annual letter, so I elected to do our annual letter writing for tax day. I hope this makes a typically less fun time a bit more fun (it does for me!).”

Hard copies are in the mail, let us know if you’re not getting one and would like to be added.

Apr 05, 2015

last update: 04/05 @ 09:58
 This year in school, Robert’s class was studying Columbus and the trip to the new world. So Robert built the Peepa Maria.

If you look carefully, you can see the lookout in the crow’s nest and a fish caught off the port side.

Across the newspaper ocean is Sarah’s scene of the early colonists (that’s the next topic for Robert’s social studies).

Easter Eggs
last update: 04/05 @ 09:53
 Robert started off the traditional Easter egg hunt in his room this year. I’m not sure the Easter bunny has hidden eggs in his room before.

Then we moved downstairs where we thought the bulk of the eggs were hiding. I spotted this one in the napkin holder before they did and was doing the traditional warmer, colder as they looked for it. You may need to look at the larger version of photo, there is an egg peeking up from the edge of the bowl.

With everything else going on (Spring Break, Science Fair, Andy getting his braces off), we only got around to dyeing the eggs last night.

I remain partial to stripes and multiple colors; but after the fact, always wish I’d left a few more dyed in just on clear color.

Fortunately we made it just in time.

 And the Easter Bunny had many to hide — this year we only lost one to the boiling pot.

We all found some and eventually, all 17 were recovered; along with some of the plastic eggs with candy or coins in them.

I think it’s a very handsome basket we ended up with.

The peeps came into play after we found the eggs…

Apr 02, 2015

Science Fair
last update: 04/02 @ 22:23
 All of Robert’s efforts on his science fair project were on display at the fair today. They got to present during the school day to the other students and tonight it was the parents turn to learn all about plant growth, buoyancy, crystals, water as a conductor, and how footballs kick at different inflation pressures.

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