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Jul 27, 2013

Pretty Sky
last update: 07/27 @ 11:13
 Robert and I saw this Thursday night on our way back from dinner. Sarah was off to a book club meeting. (We had burgers at Fosters right behind PTO, that’s PTO in on the right.)

Jul 22, 2013

Birthday Dinner
last update: 07/22 @ 22:51
 At our favorite Mexican/Salvadorean place where they know how to celebrate birthdays! There were several today. And for the record: Robert had this birthday way before that new English prince dude….

Jul 21, 2013

Birthday Party!!!
last update: 07/21 @ 16:33
 This year, Robert decided he wanted a laser tag birthday party. Very easy on the party planner and lots of fun for the kids (and the parents who hung out and played as well). Hard to get any photos of the actual Laser Tag game, but here are the party goers between games. We would have won two out of three but the final blue team had 4 more players than we did.

Jul 19, 2013

More Water…
last update: 07/19 @ 22:56
 …this time at the pool. It’s really hot here, and not that desert dry heat, we have full on humid heat. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow and cool off some. For today, the pool was cool.

And for the record (Robert will want to know): he’s beating his mom in the race.

Jul 18, 2013

Photos Posted
last update: 07/18 @ 17:26
 I’ve finished up with posting the photos from our trip

Too many photos
last update: 07/18 @ 17:26
 I don’t expect to be able to post all the photos I’d like to in the trip report. Here’s one of Robert reading after getting up on river day 5.

Hard Work, That Rafting…
last update: 07/18 @ 10:49
 … so hard you may need to get a little shut eye on raft. At least until the next rapid sprays you with 48 degree water.

Jul 17, 2013

New Toy
last update: 07/17 @ 11:34
 We got a new toy for the trip, a Pentax underwater camera. This is in our Las Vegas pool before the trip. (The new toy also comes with a GPS receiver, which is cools but eats up batteries.)

I’m quite happy with it: I had two spare batteries and managed to not completely use up the last one before we got back to the grid (the raft company promised an option to charge but it was not working on our trip). I did get worried about having enough power left for Lava Falls so I was more conservative when I was down to the last battery and even turned off the GPS for a while (which I now regret as turning the lat-long into a Google Map is pretty easy).

Jul 16, 2013

Back Again
last update: 07/16 @ 22:15
 We’re back from a grand trip to the Grand Canyon — 7 days on the Colorado River. Everyone is back safe and sound. I’ve got 4 DVDs of photos to go through, I expect to post one or two of those (but later).

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