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Nov 25, 2012

Thanksgiving Polka
last update: 11/25 @ 18:40
 Actually, not a polka; Robert and Sarah enjoying Ian and Evan practicing on the grand piano in the clubhouse. We headed up to Somerset to spend Thanksgiving with Harry and Elle and had a great time. More photos (mostly pool playing) in the vacations section.

Nov 17, 2012

Two Cute!
last update: 11/17 @ 19:39
 Pinker (asleep) and Panzer (not asleep) enjoying the first fire of the season. We’ve had colder days so far, but this was a nice, mellow, cool Saturday; perfect for a a fire. Now I need to go breath some more life into the flames…

Nov 04, 2012

Cold Weekend
last update: 11/04 @ 18:50
 Sarah was feeling under the weather so Robert and I headed out to the West Virginia campus to help close down that facility. Maybe Robert will go to summer camp there this summer. It was pretty chilly when we showed up Friday night — note the double sleeping bag (and hat and scarf).

The next day (Saturday) was pretty cool as well, but we warmed up raking some hay and doing lots of other chores (the locust was back so helped whack down the hillside above the pond).

Because of the presidential election this year, there was an election at the closing weekend as well — complete with electoral college and strong motivation to get the work done.

 The whole area was divided into states with different chores in each state (the state of the barn included the hay raking chore, while the state of the pond included the locust whacking). Each completed chore accumulates points for the party of the chore completers.

The parties were the kids (10 and younger), the adults (over 18) and the “other” party (11 to 18). The party with the most popular votes (chores completed) in a state won that state’s electoral college votes.

We’re waiting to see how it all turned out, but Robert (seen here making his stump speech), offered to combine his votes into a coalition with Doug, representing the adult party. Doug then promised his electors to Robert over lunch today. So it looks promising for Robert to be West Virginia campus president for the next four years….

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