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Aug 26, 2005

Not a Bridge too Far, but a Ball too Big
last update: 08/26 @ 20:15
Robert paid a visit to the AARP Services “Hall of Technology” today. He really liked pushing the Pilates ball around the hall. Thanks Jake for the loaner.

Aug 23, 2005

Water Baby
last update: 08/23 @ 20:30
We took a much too short visit up to Long Island to visit with Michelle, Marc and their kids. Everyone seemed to have a great time. Robert clearly enjoyed the backyard wading pool. Too many more photos on the Long Island in August page.

Aug 17, 2005

11 Month Old Terror Suspect…
last update: 08/17 @ 12:58
Robert’s brush with fame (anonymous, mostly) is documented here. A reporter from the AP happened across Sarah’s question to the DC Urban Moms mailing list about getting Robert off the no-fly list. The story ran 8/15 and media mayhem followed…

(For those of you who know the Put Down the Duckie song, our local Fox 5 TV station arranged this photo of duckie and Robert.)

Aug 11, 2005

Who’s Your Daddy!?
last update: 08/11 @ 21:10

When the commuters get fussy, the fussy play with Mommy’s blackberry. We pinned daddy a couple of times with deep meaningful messages along the lines of ewrieryewriiw3264837gdhriuyi. (That’s Robert-type-eese for “Hi Daddy -We’re on the metro.”)

And yes, I did attempt to give my poor boy a haircut, and yes it is painfully obvious that I am right-handed and am a whimp when it comes to my boy squirming with clippers near his face. Don’t worry, it will grow out.

Aug 03, 2005

last update: 08/03 @ 13:01
Robert’s first trip to the zoo was fun for all. It was still a bit hot (not surprising for DC in August — OK, it was yesterday so late July), and Robert seemed to enjoy the other visitors as much as the residents. I’m sure this is the first of many trips for us to the zoo…

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