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Sep 10, 2020

First Day!!!
last update: 09/10 @ 17:24

A start of school unlike any other.

No backpack, no notebooks.

But a mask (with a smile behind it).

This year, school is starting virtually with the strong hope that by next semester, the kids will be back in the classroom. For now, Robert’s classroom is back at his desk where last year ended up.

But the school system has had more time to plan out virtual learning and we’re expecting things to be more challenging this year than the end of last year.

And we’re really hoping that by next semester Robert is in school so he can experience culinary arts in the TC kitchen with the instructor and classmates rather than in our kitchen. (While we might get to sample more if they are virtual next semester, it would self-serving to hope for that.)

Here’s the traditional look back:

Sep 07, 2020

More fun on the river…
last update: 09/07 @ 21:00

… This time, Robert’s school friend Will and his dad and sister took us out on their boat.

A very different affair from our kayaks and canoe.

Rob (a good name), took us north from Belle Haven to the Jefferson memorial where we jumped in the water to cool off.

Squirt guns helped with the cooling off.

Then the tube came out.

It’s a wild ride!

More so on a day with several other boats so more wakes and more waves.

The boys got some good air a couple of times.

And Robert even talked me into going with him on the tube.

Whitewater, but not the kind I’m used to.

Robert’s learning to roll!!!
last update: 09/07 @ 20:46

Miguel, who Sarah found through Potomac Paddle Sports was great. Robert had a couple rolls — not when I happened to be there, alas.

And he’s feeling better about a hard shell boat. He was saying on Saturday that he thought a hard shell would be more fun to play in the waves with. And now he’s well on his way…

Short video of an assited roll.

Sep 05, 2020

Fall day on the river
last update: 09/05 @ 22:30

Another beautiful day on the river.

But the new camera is not yet used to us.

Or we’re not used to it.

We’ll see if the self-timer pictures get better over time.

This picture of Robert turned out well.

He’s been having so much fun playing in the wave, surfing this one and a bit at Maryland and Virginia chutes, that he’s talking about getting back into a hard boat to have more fun.

We may be back on the river tomorrow. Maybe the self-timer will work better then….

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