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Feb 17, 2015

A Boston Dusting…
last update: 02/17 @ 11:02

 … Or about 4 and a half inches. Enough to close school and work and give Robert a chance to build a snow tunnel. (He used a lot of the sidewalk snow his kind dad piled up for him.)

Feb 08, 2015

Robert Regression?
last update: 02/08 @ 14:50

 Actually, no. Sarah volunteered to keep an eye on a young one as her parents settle into their new home. We helped last weekend to move some of the larger items, but there is still work to be done. And it’s easier to get some of that out of the way without a 9 week old underfoot.

Sarah, as you can tell, did not mind at all.

Feb 07, 2015

Game of Drones
last update: 02/07 @ 16:16
 We went by the Building Museum today to check out the drones.

They were there in all shapes and sizes, taking up about a third of the space.

I didn’t believe Robert when he said that was the downdraft we were feeling — I was sure it was the building ventilation. But I was clearly wrong.

Those rotors move a whole lot of air!

 The were flying a couple when we came in, just showing off how stable they are, and capturing video of the crowd…

Then they talked a little bit about all the beneficial uses of drones (other than military and spying on your neighbors).

Then they had a race…

Which was kind of slow as they had to get all the frequency settings set up to show the video from the drones on a couple big screens.

 The race was to fly through the arch and over the boxes and have the crowd read the numbers written on cards inside the boxes. Fastest run with all numbers wins.

Actually, there was time taken off if you completed the course single-handedly rather than with a pilot and camera operator.

Drone Spectators
last update: 02/07 @ 16:16
 Robert and I took metro in to see the drones while Sarah was volunteering at his school.

We met up, watched the show had a snack or lunch (depending) and watched the race that closed it out.

I thought the violin drone showed real style on the part of the owner / builder. He flew it a couple times but not for as long as I was hoping to see it.

I got a closer look, but like this photo better; he took the back off and filled it with the wires and electronics but the strings stayed.

 I don’t expect the sound is quite as nice as it was start out with.

And no, not a very fancy violin, he said he picked up from eBay.

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