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Nov 26, 2022

last update: 11/26 @ 10:27

While the Xbox went to Seattle (in case there is time between studying to play), the Wii stayed here.

That gave Robert and friends something to do when they came by last night after watching the World Cup, playing pool and seeing Black Panther.

Robert was still jazzed after they left and challenged Sarah to a game. You’ll have to ask him how it turned out…

Nov 23, 2022

He’s Back!!!
last update: 11/23 @ 22:27

We picked up Robert at the airport (Dulles) last night!

He’s back with us and really wanted Mexican, so we had a late breakfast / early dinner (depends on time zone and age) at Los Tios to celebrate.

Now we’re really looking forward to Thanksgiving with the Hubbard clan.

But before that, we lit the first fire of the season.

It’s great having Robert home for that.

Now for a good night’s sleep before the big day…

Nov 13, 2022

Planet Word
last update: 11/13 @ 18:29

Sarah heard about this a new to us museum: Planet Word. It’s very cool and in an interesting space. This room (happens to also be on the museum’s website) has projected mural and you can “paint” the mural with new styles, like nocturnal, magical or autumnal. It’s a very fun interactive space.

They also have an interactive way to elucidate the etymology of English.

Another exhibit introduces you to several langauges from around the world. We learned (and at least I promptly forgot) a bit of Icelandic, Zulu and Hawaiian.

Nov 05, 2022

Stare down contest
last update: 11/05 @ 22:19

You’ll have to trust me on this.

With reduced pixels of this photo you can’t see the heron.

But he (or she) was there.

We had a staring contest as he (or she) looked for fish to snack on just above the waves and I surfed across them.

If I posted the full size photo and you zoomed in above the nose of my canoe, you’d see this heron. Just hanging out.

Well… not just hanging out. Looking for lunch or dinner.

Eventually I felt bad for getting in the way and decided to head for home.

But I don’t think I’ve gotten that close without the heron flying away.

And I should note the river was low and he weather crazy warm, we tied the November 5 record of 81 degrees.

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