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Jul 29, 2006

You see, it’s like this…
last update: 07/29 @ 22:24
Our new Angle Food cake pan does not fit over a wine bottle — as traditional ones do — and if the cake cools right side up, it falls and become too heavy. We discovered this after Sarah baked Robert a milk-free birthday cake. More (new) photos — of the birthday festivities, not the cake — in his section.

Jul 25, 2006

Really big present…
last update: 07/25 @ 22:14

O.K., so we didn’t really get Robert a bull-dozer for his second birthday present. But his mommy did sneak over to the never ending construction and put him in the little doze-cat just for fun. (The hard part was getting him out of there.)

Jul 23, 2006

Second Birthday!!!
last update: 07/23 @ 22:05
Robert had a very nice little party for his second birthday. We still need to move some photos over from Sarah’s camera, but there are couple more pictures in his section.

That’s Romeo, Robert, Ciaran and Caroline on the couch. We were trying to recreate the “mom’s group” couch photo. It’s amazing to look back and see how much they’ve grown — not a one of them seems likely to fall over trying to sit on the couch this time around.

Jul 09, 2006

Coastal Kayaking in Maine
last update: 07/09 @ 21:53
We just got back from a great trip to Maine; we have some mosquito bites to show for lots of fun memories. More photos in the vacation section.

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