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Mar 31, 2008

One more cicus photo
last update: 03/31 @ 16:31
No Lions or bears, but lots of tigers! Oh My!

Mar 27, 2008

Class trip to the circus
last update: 03/27 @ 18:12
Sarah and I both were able to join Robert and his class at the circus today. As you can tell by Robert’s hands over his ears, it was loud. But fun nonetheless!

Mar 24, 2008

Easter Bunny visit
last update: 03/24 @ 14:48
Robert and Romeo did a pretty good job finding the eggs the Easter bunny hid in our backyard before they were engrossed in playing at the sand table. We also took a trip to the double-decker park and had a great dinner at Hank and Sally’s. There are more photos, of course, in Robert’s section.

Mar 17, 2008

The kid’s Table
last update: 03/17 @ 20:24

R is officially old enough to join in the kid’s table. Fortunately the other kids are all very nice to the youngest one in their midst and are happy to teach him all their tricks… I mean games. Thanks Em for the great parties. -Z

Mar 14, 2008

Nice Day
last update: 03/14 @ 16:38
Robert and I headed out with his scooter to see what we could see on this lovely March day. We spent a fair amount of time watching the crane unload rebar at this construction site on King Street.

Mar 10, 2008

National Aquarium
last update: 03/10 @ 20:47
We took another trip to visit the aquarium in Baltimore today. It was nice to go on a weekday with no crowds and lots of time. The are lots more photos in Robert’s section.

Mar 09, 2008

First trip to a bowling alley
last update: 03/09 @ 15:29
We met Romeo and Marjatta at a local bowling alley for a bit of bowling. I remember duck pin bowling as a little kid, but here they could pull up bumpers to keep the balls out of the gutters and provided a ramp to make sure the ball got all the way to the pins. Kids and adults had a good time. There are some more photos in Robert’s section.

Mar 07, 2008

Cleaning up…
last update: 03/07 @ 17:37
I’m not sure if this is regular spring cleaning or if the city heard the warning about rains headed this way. Either way, Robert was pretty intrigued by the process of vacuming the leaves out of the storm drains this morning. After that we walked over to Braddock Road to watch the work on the parking lot — they were pouring cement on one end and digging up the other end. Since it was a little chilly, we headed to National Airport from there to watch some planes and have a spot of lunch. Not a bad day at all. Now the rains have arrived and we’re all comfy at home.

Mar 04, 2008

Get Up -Ja Rasta! (Cuteness Alert)
last update: 03/04 @ 15:29

So after Robert went potty DW was telling him he needed to “Stand up, Pull up. Pull up your Pull ups.” (Sung to the tune of Get Up, Stand Up, -Bob Marley.) R said that’s not how the song goes, and that they needed to ask Mommy how the song goes. DW said he thought we might have it downstairs to play, which they did.
However, on the “Stand up for your rights,” line, R held out his right hand and foot and asked if those were his rights.

He’s so cute I can barely stand it sometimes… :) -Z

Mar 02, 2008

Munch, munch, slurp…
last update: 03/02 @ 20:11
We finally went to the National Zoo when Suz was working there. She puts on a great show in the Invertebrate House. Robert (and the rest of us) were impressed at how quickly a spider can move if she feels a nice, juicy grasshopper on her web. A couple more Zoo photos in Robert’s section.

Mar 01, 2008

Saint Patrick’s Day Parade
last update: 03/01 @ 20:09
Alexandria got a jump on the festivities by having their parade this afternoon. They picked the right day in terms of weather — it was chilly, but we were surrounded by beautiful blue skies. More photos in Robert’s section.

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