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Oct 31, 2006

More Halloween fun
last update: 10/31 @ 14:09

Robert’s school had a costume parade today. This time Robert wore his Firetruck Train costume and had even more fun…

A couple more photos in his section.

Oct 29, 2006

Halloween Festivities…
last update: 10/29 @ 20:18

“Hey Robert, that looks like a Halloween parade, let’s go!”

More photos in Robert’s section.

Oct 23, 2006

More Farm-anigans
last update: 10/23 @ 22:04

Robert had another chance to check out local farm-age on Sunday. Daddy needed some “me” time, and COX Farm came highly recommended from Robert’s buddy Evan. So when Cecily called suggesting a ride out there, I hesitated but Robert said, “Robert go to farm with MY Cecily.” Okaaaaaaayy. I guess we’re going. Here he shows his farm prowess by exclaiming, and I’m not making this up, “You are a cow.” Yeah.

Oct 15, 2006

And one more pumpkin pic.
last update: 10/15 @ 22:52

Just because this is a nice pumpkin picture.

Just because
last update: 10/15 @ 16:49

I just like this photo from today’s hay ride.

Pony ride!
last update: 10/15 @ 16:48
We took Robert’s paternal grandparents to Butler’s Orchard for the pumpkin fest and found: PONIES. Robert and Sarah both had a great time with that. Many more photos’s in Robert’s section

Oct 03, 2006

Grand Parental Visit
last update: 10/03 @ 22:26
Or should that be Grandparental visit? Or Grand grandparental visit? Robert’s paternal grands stopped by on their way to Portland, OR for a NW train trip. Robert enjoyed the chance to show off his trains — however, note that the ramp to windowsill is no longer with us.

Oct 01, 2006

More Elaborate
last update: 10/01 @ 19:41
Robert’s friend Ciaron gave him a Thomas Train catalog and that’s become inspiration. We made it to the window sill, now we just need to get enough ramp track to make it to the top of the shelves….

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