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Jan 28, 2023

last update: 01/28 @ 17:54

The new camera bag seems like a winner.

The hip strap and rain cover showed up this week and I tried out the clip on a walk down to the river.

For me, on the shoulder strap is more comfortable than on the hip belt. And while it’s very convenient, it’s not where I’d keep my camera all the time. Good for getter around places you want to take pictures while the bag stays on your back.

But still a bit off feeling. Maybe it would be a bit better without the faux-motor-drive-battery-pack; but I like never having to think about changing the battery.

Jan 22, 2023

Mt. Vernon
last update: 01/22 @ 15:56

We had a free weekend.

And I just got a new bag for my camera.

So we headed to Mt. Vernon as it’s been a while since we were there. It provided three tests: a bit of walking around, tighter quarters (with the other folks and the roped off portions of the house) and access to the camera.

I’m not yet ready to call the new bag perfection. But it is a worthy successor.

I have a couple more optional additions on order from Peak Design to finish my set up.

First impression: the side access while still on one shoulder works OK. I’m still figuring out how my camera (with faux motor-drive-extra-battery) wants to sit in the bag. And I worry I’m going to lose the lens cap more easily now. (I’ve had them disappear for bit in the other bag so that not completely unexpected.

And, when we were inside the heated museum and I took my jacket off, I realized I had the clip set way to high on the shoulder strap and it was rubbing on my collar bone.

I moved that down but I’ve yet to actually use it.

That will be the next acid test.

I bought this after getting a small award from PTO that was burning a hole in my pocket. And as I looked around at options I got sucked in by the clip and how it seemed like a good idea.

I’ll find out next time I’m wandering around with my camera if it’s as much a winner as I thought watching the video.

More news later (as they say).

Expected visitor
last update: 01/22 @ 15:35

I went to the blog search on the left because I know he or she (or some kinfolk) have been here before. But this is as close as I recall the cooper’s hawk coming to the house — waiting patiently at the bird feeder :)

First sighting in 2008; then again in 2020. I’m not sure of the lifespan but I kind of think this may be a family vs. one bird over 14 or so years.

But maybe 14 years makes you more comfortable getting closer to the house and humans (I was sure he or she was looking at me as I tried to get closer for a better photo).

Jan 02, 2023

Excellent start to the year
last update: 01/02 @ 21:47

It was nicely warm — air at least — today and I managed to get out on the Potomac to start the year off well.

It was interesting to feel the warm breeze when it came from above and the cool breeze when it came across the river.

Let’s see how many months in 2023 I can keep this up?

According to the blog, I missed a couple months last year…

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