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Tue, 12 Aug 2008

One less mouse…
Hmmmm… to bad I can’t file a patent application for this mousetrap now that I work at the USPTO. We were pretty surprised to see this guy in our back yard this evening. But the benefits to having a hawk (I think this is a juvenile sharp-shinned hawk) were clear when he (or she) starting gobbling down the mouse. That’s one mouse Zip Drive doesn’t need to hunt down for us should it have gotten into the house.



szap wrote

So readers, what's the dif between a falcon and a hawk? (Is it just a matter of a pinion?)

Suza wrote

We birds of a feather...
Do you *really* want the explanation? Because I could 'splain... no, take too long, let me sum up. And speaking of boids in the 'burbs, I saw a bald eagle come in for a landing on Teddy Roosevelt Island! Wahoo! Suz

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