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Jun 20, 2010

Great Father’s Day
last update: 06/20 @ 22:23
A great father’s day all around: Lazy morning with some reading and Lego building. Then putting the canoe on the car and driving out to Violettes Lock to see if the rope swing is still there. (We didn’t face any of the road closures for DC’s inaugural triathlon — fortunately.)

The swing was still there, and we were not the only ones with that idea. The kids from the other boat got Robert really interested in swimming swimmer’s rapid.

So we did. Robert and I went down a couple times and then he took Sarah down as well.

In the Google Map linked to above, we start at the A paddle upstream (left) around the riffles and down the channel which is the border between Maryland and Virginia (somehow Maryland gets the river). About the bottom right corner of the map, we poke back into the main river, cross over the a muddy beach on the Maryland side, pop the canoe out, over the tow path and into the C&O Canal to paddle back up to the car.

The rope swing, conveniently about half way through the trip, was fun for Robert to hold on to in the current, but he said (wisely) that it looked scary to swing out on it. (And the river was not very high so it was pretty shallow there — really not a great idea.)

But just chillin in the water on a 90+ degree day was very nice.

And after a chance to wash off some of the mud and get changed, we headed to Rustico for dinner and Buzz for desert (we all ate too much).

A very nice way to spend the day — I think we should do it again before next Father’s Day.

Jun 05, 2010

The Big Game…
last update: 06/05 @ 17:44
Robert has been talking about this T-ball game for a couple weeks now. One of his schoolmates, Estee, plays for the Roughriders. She’s at bat while Robert is playing catcher here. A few more photos in Robert’s section.

Starving Artitist
last update: 06/05 @ 09:32
Sometimes your starving artist types just need a little helping hand to fill their bellies. Especially when working with soft charcoal before breakfast. Robert is working on a picture of night (and making black powder — maybe he sees a little too much Mythbusters (lots of Flash content there).

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