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Feb 26, 2013

Voiding the Warranty
last update: 02/26 @ 22:43
 You see… It’s like this…

Sarah’s old MacBook Pro was getting pretty unreliable, shutting down at inopportune times and giving her an error message about the disk being full. And until TaxCut Pro works on my Linux machine, we need her machine to be stable this time of year. (She needs a stable machine all year around, of course.)

So Sarah has a shiny new iMac — she has two Kindles and less reason for a laptop these days. Then I tackled the problem of getting her old files off the laptop and onto the iMac.

I figured with both on the wireless network, copying across the network should work. I could only get about 10GB copied before rsync bombed out.

Several times.

 Of course, I’m very happy to see rsync on both her Macs just waiting to be needed. And with the stability problems, I’m sure it wasn’t rsync’s fault.

Giving it more thought, I decided a very small wired network might work better anyway — 1Gb vs. 54Mb over the wireless. (A simple crossover cable didn’t work, I needed to dig a switch out of my discards pile — so that meant 100Mb rather than 1Gb because the switch was old.) After about 17Gb, the MacBook just died.

Several times.

So it was time for the heavy guns…

 I pulled out the hard drive. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the right size torx to get the mounting screws out, so I couldn’t get it into the case Amazon so nicely sent us. It felt wrong to leave the hard drive completely out in the open for the hour or so of copying (among other things, we have cats), so I stuck it in a zip lock.

That worked fine.

Amazon is sending me the right size torx screwdriver (I think) just in case this comes up again — and to help us give Robert some cool parts for his robot art project in school.

If I was Justin, I’d be planning on putting a Raspberry Pi in the MacBook case. But I’m not so I expect the case is bound for recycling rather than reuse…

Feb 23, 2013

Bear Attack!!!
last update: 02/23 @ 12:53
 We’re having a great (but too short) visit with Michelle and Noah this weekend. They came down on the train Friday. Robert and Noah completely hit it off — which fits as Robert has been really excited about this visit for a while. They’ve been very hard to separate.

This morning, over a very relaxed breakfast, they put on a short Lego play about a drive in the woods on a pleasant spring day. La, La, La. All very pleasant until…

 … the bear attack. The bear ate the passengers, the cars, the crossing gate. It was tragic. Then, boys being boys, the bear vomited them all back up. Complete with great sound effects.

Fortunately, it was a well recorded event, never to be lost to posterity.

Feb 18, 2013

Bye Bye Bob
last update: 02/18 @ 21:17
 Fun night celebrating Bob’s retirement form Hey Hey and his plans to drive across the country again — perhaps staying in Eastern Washington for the foreseeable future. Hank and Sally came by to join in the evening’s festivities — but not until Bob was introduced to Gobblin’ Goblets (Robert won most of the games, but not this one).

Feb 08, 2013

A Classic
last update: 02/08 @ 22:18
 Seemingly out of the blue, Robert announced the other day that we should get Monopoly. I thought it was an excellent idea, and, courtesy of Amazon, we now have the classic edition.

I think Robert will need to work a bit more on his strategy… I have the far side and the right side, he as the half of near side and we split the left side as well. He paid off the mortgage on Boardwalk at the end of the game for this photo. I anticipate many more games (and I’m sure I’ll be losing many of them — not tonight, however).

Feb 03, 2013

Ice Cream
last update: 02/03 @ 14:23
 Robert’s school celebrated ice cream for breakfast day yesterday. The kids had been learning about heat in science and making their own ice cream to better understand cold as a lack of heat. Robert’s was not the only smile there — not that you can see the smile behind the spoonful of ice cream.

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