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Jun 18, 2023

Father’s Day
last update: 06/18 @ 22:08

Sarah is still out in Seattle with Robert. While they slept (3 hours later there than here) I got out on the Potomac at Angler’s Inn. It’s pretty low and the water is so clear because it’s been a while since we had any rain.

But it was still a fun time. And a beatiful day.

When I came home we video called and I opend my Father’s day packages. Robert got me an Aston Martin shirt (which I wore later watching the F1 race) and Sarah got me a lovely cheese board and an offer for Double Gloucester, the next time it’s in stock at our local cheese place.

A very nice day, but it would be nicer with family in the same time zone.

Jun 12, 2023

Both of us on the river!
last update: 06/12 @ 22:19

No, that’s not us under the overhang…

Sarah has a busy start to summer: She was down in Decatur last week. Home for a few days around the weekend. And is off in Seattle this week.

All good travel: she was able to help out the newest additions to the Williams clan, Margot and Billie Mae. That gave Sarah a chance to hang out with really little babies (weeks old) and gave their parents and grandparents a little bit of a break.

And now she’s getting to see Robert’s new summer dorm (having just missed helping him move — up 5 flights of stairs — by about 48 hours).

We took advantage of those couple days she was in Alexandria, with very nice weather, to get out on the river. Where we saw those two climbers in the gorge. New to me, they weren’t going up or down the wall, they were crossing horizontally.

We saw our favorite heron and a few ducks and a lot of fishing cormorants.

Jun 04, 2023

Back on the river
last update: 06/04 @ 22:29

Sarah is down in Decatur with the new grand nieces.

So I have to make do with the Potomac.

It was a pretty day today; cooler than it was on Saturday. That made it very nice.

And with the expectation of rain, fewer folks at Angler’s Inn to make it easier to get on the river and I had the Maryland chute to myself almost the whole time.

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