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Mar 27, 2014

Waterpark pictures
last update: 03/27 @ 10:21
 More pictures from quick visit to Great Wolf Lodge are in the vacations section.

Mar 26, 2014

Spring Break Winding Down
last update: 03/26 @ 15:56
 This is view from inside one of the water slides (in a two person raft). It’s less blurry in real life :)

Mar 24, 2014

Spring Break
last update: 03/24 @ 21:45
 For Robert’s spring break, we’re taking advantage of the fact that his school is on a slightly different schedule so the rates at Great Wolf Lodge are not as high as they are during prime spring break.

Unfortunately, Sarah was not able to take time off so she has to live vicariously through the photos. Fortunately, we were able to pick up Will at the last minute to join us.

He and Robert are having a great time.

 This is Robert’s epic wipe out on the surf wave. We’re looking forward to more fun tomorrow. Indoor water park fun during the (final?) snowstorm of the winter (first snowstorm of the spring?).

Mar 17, 2014

last update: 03/17 @ 17:34
 Before the great St. Patrick’s Day snowstorm of 2014, we took a quick weekend trip up to Philly for a program for Robert. There are many other photos from the trip (and the answer to where this was taken) in the vacations section of the website.

St. Paddy’s Day (for real)
last update: 03/17 @ 14:48
 This time the day, not the parade: and we had 5.5 inches of snow. This has been a crazy snowy winter. Just as it should be. The schools are out (of course), the government is closed (as expected); so I took on Robert and Audrey Joy (from next door) in a snow ball fight.

There is clear advantage to having the high ground up on the platform.

I’m waiting to see if that’s enough snow or if we’ll get out the sleds one more time this season…

Mar 14, 2014

Christmas in March
last update: 03/14 @ 17:45
 Sarah gave me tickets to see Paul Simon for Christmas; the concert was last night and it was GREAT!!!

Sting was an OK accompanist but it seemed clear to me that Paul Simon stole the show. As Robert is taking Saxophone, I wanted to try to get a shot of the sax player; he’s on the screen in the top left corner but really hard to see…

Mar 03, 2014

Snow (yet again)
last update: 03/03 @ 16:54
 There were dire predictions of close to a foot of snow from this storm. But we ended up with about 3.5 inches. Enough to close down the school along with the government. They will have several hours to plow and treat for tomorrow’s commute; time will tell if we have a normal day or a delayed day…

Mar 02, 2014

St. Paddy’s Day
last update: 03/02 @ 13:09
 It was pretty chilly, with snow still on the ground in some places for the Alexandria St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We were wishy-washy about going because it was cold, but then the sun popped out and we had to support our favorite Irish Dancer.

Unfortunately, we were were on the wrong side of the street for a good view of Eleanor — but we did get to see her dance.

We did cheer loudly though!
 There are always lots of interesting things going on in the parade. I took fewer photos than in years past. So you’ll just have to image the Bolivian Dance troupe(s) and Star Wars storm troopers.

I did manage to get a good spot for for the Kena Racers — and did not get in the process.

Now we’re hunkering down in anticipation of the next big snowstorm of a very snowy year…

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