Robert Becker Zapolsky Williams

Robert Becker, High School Graduate

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Robert Becker Zapolsky Williams was born July 22nd at 11:15am. His birth weight was 7lbs, 4oz, and length was 20 inches.

We chose the name to honor some friends and family. First, Robin Duggar "forced" Sarah and I to go out. We didn't think using her name for a boy was a good idea, even though there are plenty of male Robins (including a Robin Williams who is NOT Robert Williams's namesake). Also on my paternal grandmother's side of the family, Robert Hendry was the first Hendry to come to the US from Scotland's Isle of Arran (I have a list of Hendry's back to Robert Hendry's father in the genealogy section).

Becker is Sarah's maternal Grandmother's maiden name. We were looking for a way to honor Sarah's Mother, Lois Lorraine. Her father was Augustus Stef and her mother was Ida Becker. We didn't think our son looked like a Louis or a Larry, and August in Washington, DC is nothing to celebrate, Stef seems too stern but Becker we really liked.

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