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Feb 28, 2005

2 More Steps and I’ve got Him
last update: 02/28 @ 21:32
Testing the latest Robert trap from ACME and it looks like it’s gonna work.

Helping Mommy in the Kitchen
last update: 02/28 @ 21:27

So, we’ve got all these great toys and the absolute number one favorite today is: measuring spoons.

Moving on up…
last update: 02/28 @ 21:15
Robert has outgrown his bath-time in the sink and his blue tub. Check out the cool new inflatable he has. More photos in his February page.

Now the instructions say, “DO NOT USE AS A FLOTATION DEVICE”… Is a raft considered a flotation device or a boat?

Feb 27, 2005

Just Cute
last update: 02/27 @ 16:16

Then there is him just being cute.

Cute but dangerous
last update: 02/27 @ 16:14
This picture about sums it up…. See toy being ignored on the left in leiu of, yes, the power cord. Childproofing has ensued.

More fun with swings…
last update: 02/27 @ 15:08
We all went to the Blue Park (slightly larger, across Commonwealth, rather than on Sunset) this afternoon when the sun peeked back out. Most of Thursday’s snow was melted and the swings were ready for fun…

There are a couple more photos on the February page.

Feb 26, 2005

Poor Crocuses
last update: 02/26 @ 17:48
February confused the crocuses. They got a bit of snow and there is the possibility of more Monday. Our front yard is pretty shady, so we have some left over snow from Thursday.

What goes up…
last update: 02/26 @ 17:37
OK, misleading title; while we have the house on one side being taken down, Susan an Adam (sharing the common wall) are expanding — their garden, at least. It was another pretty nice February day (even if there was bit of snow left in the shadows).

Feb 23, 2005

Play ‘til you drop
last update: 02/23 @ 15:37
After his 6 month vaccinations, Robert was just playing with his toys until he fell asleep. OK, that’s not that uncommon for him in the afternoon. And he did seem a bit more fussy after his shots. But he still looks very cute (in my unbiased opinion).

Feb 09, 2005

Droolin; Good!
last update: 02/09 @ 17:38
Robert and I had a chance to enjoy some very un-February weather today.

Feb 07, 2005

Music Together
last update: 02/07 @ 19:00
Chillin with the drumming section at Music Together.

Feb 02, 2005

Ice Flow on the Potomac
last update: 02/02 @ 17:54
The ice has started to flow down the Potomac. I think this is just a short term phenomenon; I expect it to freeze back up again before we really see spring. But I’ll take todays 45 degrees in early February.

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