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Jun 26, 2015

last update: 06/26 @ 21:44

I’m starting to sense a pattern…

Robert and Eleanor hanging out in the fountain after dinner. They asked for permission first; something about how all the other kids were doing it…

(The adults — other than Sasha — deep in meaningful conversation in the background.)

Jun 07, 2015

On the Potomac with Eleanor
last update: 06/07 @ 21:34

We borrowed Eleanor — former classmate, now heading off to a different school — and headed to Anglers Inn on a beautiful day.

Robert started in his kayak, but he graciously let Eleanor paddle some of the flat bits.

And she was happy to paddle the last flat stretch to the take out (when Robert was feigning being tired).

Of course we stopped at this cool waterfall on the way past to check it out and see what we could see.

It was such a great day, there were many folks with the same idea of playing in the waterfall.

There must have been someone in trouble on the river because we were buzzed several times by the Park Service helicopter.

Even with the helo, we still saw several herons, hawks a duck and a goose family. A great way to spend a pretty day.

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