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Oct 29, 2023

Looking very much like fall
last update: 10/29 @ 22:06

It’s looking a lot like fall out there.

But yesterday, at about 85 degrees, was much warmer than fall.

Sarah is visiting friends in Long Island, so I did a few chores yesterday and got on the river today.

The water level is very low — it’s been a while since we’ve had a good soaking rain — and it was about 10 degrees cooler today. But still very nice to be on the water.

The clouds were coming in, but not very fast. Maybe we’ll get some showers this week; the river would be greatful.

We should have more fall-like weather later this week.

And the trick-or-treaters will likely be happy in a warm costume this year. We hope a few come by so we’re not stuck with the candy we have to give out.

Oct 28, 2023

Three Brothers
last update: 10/28 @ 19:08

With the three of us together, we recreated a great picture Bob Martindale took in Seattle decades ago.

There is a bit less hair now but we tried to get the right pose…

And as Steve and Helen had a bit more time with us, we took them on our walk to the river. We did a little extra meandering and Steve’s tracker said it was just about 4 miles.

Not the normal trek he tracks — this was clearly an urban walk.

But we got to watch a little bit of work on Alexandria’s tall ship (someone was working near the top of the mast) and the weather and views did not disappoint.

Of course the chance to visit and hang out was the best part of the long weekend.

Fun visit
last update: 10/28 @ 19:07

We lost a good family friend, Buddy (or Jake or Mel) Herrmann (Hank’s dad) earlier this year. He almost made his 106th birthday. And was active until just about his last day.

Loren, Steve and Helen came up for the service celebrating his life last weekend.

We took advantage of getting together to make the most of the time.

Steve helped with the smoker while Loren was flying up from Atlanta.

While my hands were a bit messy while we ate dinner, I did get a picture of dessert: we were celebrating Steve and Helen’s 35th anniversary!

And there were several games of Catan, Canasta and Scrabble as well. We’ll have to get Susan next time and stretch the visit out more.

Oct 15, 2023

I remain impressed
last update: 10/15 @ 11:29

It was time to take down The Loop. That was a monumental build for Robert’s birthday.

But it also takes up space in his room.

And it misses him running the cars along the track every now and again.

So I partially disassembled it this morning.

And I was impressed again at the ingenuity of such a complex and fluid looking design to be built from basically blocks.

Yes there were specialized pieces, but I hadn’t realized how many of angles braces were created.

It really is very cool.

And now it’s packed up ready to shipped…

…somewhere. When Robert is ready to have it back.

For now, we have a little more space in his room to share with guests.

Oct 10, 2023

Cooling Off
last update: 10/10 @ 17:30

The weather has taken a turn towards fall. It was pretty abrupt but we’re expecting it to warm back up a little bit this week.

Fortunately the water takes a bit longer to cool down so it was very nice to be out yesterday (thank you federal holiday).

Let’s see how long I can keep my streak of at least one trip on the river a month going this time. I missed July so it’s a pretty short streak now.

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