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Nov 30, 2004

How worried should I be….
last update: 11/30 @ 09:45
Seeing American Combustion Industries Emergency Service next door to my office? They have several trucks outside the Monoco Hotel down the street from our office. What to you rekon the hotel is combusting?

Not exactly the warm welcome back from a lovely Thanksgiving day break that I hoped for….

Nov 29, 2004

New camera? Check!
last update: 11/29 @ 15:29
We replaced the camera which has gone missing in time for Robert’s first beach trip.

Here, we’re just testing the camera, but if you check out Robert’s November page, you can see more photos. Including several of his grandparents, celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary!

Nov 17, 2004

last update: 11/17 @ 18:36
I’m not sure Robert realizes how cool the neighborhood he lives in really is. Here he is popping out of the wormhole in Old Town.

OK, actually, it’s the old trolly tunnel turned into a bike path — but it looks cool (if he was awake to see it…)

Nov 14, 2004

Uh Oh…
last update: 11/14 @ 11:25

So we have a nice little digital camera. And usually we’re pretty good at offloading the photos to the PC frequently. Sarah got some especially incriminating images of Max and Zip. And now they are smiling and the camera is nowhere to be found. Not that we suspect the kitty-dudes (gods that they are)…
In addition to the images Max and Zip might not want preserved, we also had a couple shots of all of us in New Jersey last weekend. And, of course, we told Harry and Elle that we’d just post the photos from our camera so there was no need to figure out the timer on their camera — they could just share our photos.
Then the camera disappeared…
In a strange coincidence of it having captured highly incriminating photos of our two (normally) perfect cats…
And of course, we can’t post anything here without a photo. Who would believe Robert’s new found head control without photographic evidence? Perhaps we’ll need to start using the fallback camera…

Nov 03, 2004

Don’t blame us
last update: 11/03 @ 17:48

Well, Robert got together with his bud Oliver and dutifully trooped off to our local polling place. The boys got their “I voted” stickers right away, the mothers, on the other hand, had to ask for ours.

Nov 02, 2004

Long but not unmanageable lines
last update: 11/02 @ 08:42
Normally, the line to vote at Maury is inside the gym; I don’t recall seeing the line outside before so I expect pretty high turnout (as predicted) for this election. With luck, enough voters will turn out to make it a clear election and not rely on the courts to appoint the new king.

Hanging on by a thread?
last update: 11/02 @ 08:38
Clearly, there are still some diehards out there. In Alexandria, the voter turnout seemed strong. Long enough lines to feel good (at least this morning), but not so long you worry about having time to vote.

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