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Oct 28, 2007

Halloween Parade
last update: 10/28 @ 20:51
Robert and Sarah were jaguars for Del Ray’s Halloween parade. We met up with Evan and his crew for the festivities. Of course, there are more photos.

Oct 25, 2007

It finally rained today. Don’t drink puddles though.
last update: 10/25 @ 11:01

Robert: What would happen if I drank the water in the puddles?

Me: You wouldnít want to do that Ė itís dirty.

Robert: Why?

Me: Because birds take baths in it; people rinse the bottom of their shoes in it, all sorts of things.

Robert: Thatís silly Mommy, birds donít wear shoes.

Oct 24, 2007

Uncle Joe’s…
last update: 10/24 @ 20:42
On a rainy day we went back to “Uncle Joe’s” for dinner. “Uncle Joe’s” is really Joe Theismann’s, a nice (an O.K. but consistant) restaurant just across the King Street metro station’s parking lot. That means it’s very close to us and so we have been there several times since Robert was born and walking further down King Street has been less of an option. He likes it; we like; it’s perfect when we don’t want to cook. And tonight who should stop by our table but “Uncle Joe” himself. He was just checking on how the diners liked the place. After introducing himself and making sure we were happy, he said, “Wait one second,” and came back with this photo for Robert. If it’s too small to read on screen, it says, “To Robert, Grow Big and Happy” Signed Joe Theismann #7. That was a very nice way to finish out the evening.

Oct 23, 2007

Ready for his first parachute jump…
last update: 10/23 @ 17:37
Just kidding. Robert and his class went on a field trip to Cox Farms and the school bus uses these “interesting” retro-fitted seat belts. There are a couple more photos.

Oct 22, 2007

First Camping Trip!
last update: 10/22 @ 17:57
We just got from a very nice, quick, civilized camping trip in Prince William Forest Park. We all had a great time and Robert seemed to have lots of fun. There are more photos in his section.

Oct 16, 2007

Pretty day, Tired Robert
last update: 10/16 @ 21:36
It was a lovely evening but I had trouble getting Robert to leave the playground because there was a big, blue cherry picker working on a light post right over the playground. By the time we left, it was looking very sunset-ish… Sometimes I forget how pretty a city Washington is (note the capitol in the far distance).

Fountain Fun
last update: 10/16 @ 21:33
The IMF has a really cool fountain. You can distort the jets with your hand (or, as Robert found out, stop the jets by standing on them) and the wall of water is an interesting backdrop. We were heading to a favorite burger stop on the way home and decided we had to check out the fountain.

Oct 13, 2007

A quick school bus ride
last update: 10/13 @ 16:10
Burgundy Farm School had their annual fundraiser fair today. We decided to go check it out. Robert had a good time in the hay maze, playing on the playground equipment and in the moon bounce. But I think the most fun part of the trip for him was a ride in a real school bus. We wave to the school buses we see driving by on our way to the metro station almost every day, but this was his first time inside a school bus. The fair was so well attended they had this shuttle service set up between the school and a local church parking lot. (That’s Sarah and Aunt Sally sitting behind an entranced Robert.)

Full Recovery Underway
last update: 10/13 @ 16:00
Dr. Russell took out Robert’s stitches Friday morning and we found a new to us park (Prince William Forest Park) to visit to celebrate. More photos in Robert’s section.

Oct 12, 2007

She’s an ‘a-lotta year old’
last update: 10/12 @ 09:58

Him: Mommy, if I have 4 stiches and I’m a 3-yr old, how old would YOU be if you had TWO stitches?
Me: Not a one year old.
Him: How old are you?
Me: Old enough to know better…
Him: That’s silly. How old?
Me: Old enough to be your mother.
Him: No really….
Me: A lot of years.
- Later -

Him to stranger: Mommy’s an ‘a-lotta year old.’ I’m a THREE year old.
Me: Yes dear.

Oct 08, 2007

Too many hospital visits…
last update: 10/08 @ 23:17
On Friday, our good friend Dan had a motorcycle accident. Sarah and Suz went up to visit on Saturday. He’s going to be OK, but it will take a while before he’s back on his feet. Sarah was about to go visit him in the hospital again today (he should be moved from Baltimore to Arlington tomorrow or Wednesday to make the visits easier).

But she was distracted by my call while Robert and I were out for a walk. I started off with something like, “Hi, Robert wanted to stop off at the playground on our way home… OUCH!” and I hung up. I called back about a minute later to ask her to come pick us up. Robert had tripped up on the steps and bonked his head on the top step — it was a pretty deep cut. So Sarah swooped in, picked us up and we went off to Alexandria’s emergency room.

We walked out 3 hours after the fall (pretty good, in my book) with 4 stitches just above Robert’s right eye. Physcian’s Assistant Danielle said Robert was her best patient all day — normally I would think she always says that, but he was a great patient and put up with the cleaning and stitching very well. It could make a good sword-fighting scar; but I don’t expect the scar to last.

He’s obviously over the trauma and was happy to be back at home playing with his blocks. We’re expecting a really pretty purple, blue, and black eye tomorrow…

Oct 05, 2007

First Dental Visit
last update: 10/05 @ 19:59
Robert passed his first visit with Dr. Hank with flying colors. And Dr. Hank is as good with kids in the exam chair as he his on the floor with blocks. There are a couple more photos in Robert’s section.

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