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Jun 24, 2005

Like Grandfather, like Grandson….
last update: 06/24 @ 14:13
On the left, Robert looking his best to imitate his granddad. On the right, David’s father in the Alpha Romeo Loren (David’s brother) bought sometime in the 70s. Exactly when and where this picture was taken will have to wait for someone who remembers…

The comment link below awaits dates and times….

(More photos of Robert and his wheels on his June page.

Jun 19, 2005

last update: 06/19 @ 18:17
The pool can be sooooo refreshing. Robert seems to be amazed at how big it is; how many people were splashing around (not in these photos), and how just plain cool it is.

Jun 18, 2005

Helping out…
last update: 06/18 @ 10:01
Robert has started helping push his stroller now. Not that he likes showing of his walking or anything :)

More pictures of our trip to the Farmer’s Market on Robert’s June Page.

Jun 13, 2005

Chooo Chooo….
last update: 06/13 @ 21:39
Robert and his grandparents enjoying the train trip from Alexandria (just a few steps from our front door) to Villa Zapolsky in New Jersey. More photos from the weekend on Robert’s June page.

Jun 05, 2005

Physics 101
last update: 06/05 @ 19:35
Hmmmmmm. If I put my hand into something, I should be able to take my hand back out again.

Jun 02, 2005

Not a happy sight
last update: 06/02 @ 21:15
Not quite what we wanted to come home to see: Apparently the cement truck knocked down the tree in front of our house. More news on this saga as we have it…

Jun 01, 2005

Another pretty day…
last update: 06/01 @ 16:46
Note the static electricity starting to work on Robert’s hair in the Blue Park’s tunnel. A couple more new crawling photos in Robert’s May section.

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