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Jan 26, 2016

More sledding
last update: 01/26 @ 20:58

We went back to the Masonic Memorial this afternoon for more sledding.

This time, we were a bit further up King St. because the moguls were just too painful to sled on where we were Sunday.

There are still come moguls and this jump, but it was much less bumpy.

After some air time, Robert talked Sarah into sharing a sled.

They had a several great runs together.

Sometimes on the smoother side of the run, sometimes, right over this bottom jump.

The sun was out and it was plenty warm today. While there was a lot of melting (and the sledding was a bit slower), we still have a lot of snow around here.

Jan 24, 2016

last update: 01/24 @ 17:27

Sarah and Robert went over to the Masonic Memorial this morning to check the slopes.

Then we all went over this afternoon.

As usual, it was great fun.

We even ran into neighbors so we could trade off sleds and have a Sunset Drive race.

Check out the dragon spikes Robert has been sporting all day…

In my opinion, the tube won for most fun (largely because it is totally out of control.

The longer orange slide may be the fastest.

And our old standby green sled wins for best control — which is still not much.

That’s Sarah putting on the breaks to avoid the tree I was hiding behind.

School has been called for tomorrow, we’re waiting to see what Sarah and I are supposed to do. We walked home on a side street that has not seen a plow this year — those folks are not getting out anytime soon.

That’s my snow swimming style…

Jan 23, 2016

King Street
last update: 01/23 @ 14:26

Robert and I took a walk down King Steet.

Normally, that does not mean walk right down the middle of the street.

But today, that was clearly the thing to do.

Unless you had skis.

There were a few cars out — one that Robert and I helped push to get going. And a few more pedestrians.

And even a couple places open for business — but not many.

Clearly, we’ve gotten a lot of snow. We saw them loading this snow mound into a couple dump trucks.

Then, on our way back up the street, they were adding to the mound again.

As Sarah said, they’re likely some cold fishes — we’re guessing they are dumping the snow into the river.

With plowing and shoveling, this snowman was almost prefab. We stacked him up and Robert gave him a smiley face.

It feels really good to be back inside. Walking into the wind was tough, even with goggles.

The fruit of the labors
last update: 01/23 @ 11:48

Robert’s tunnel through snow mountain. Now he can spy on the passing cars (and pedestrians walking down the street).

Gotta compare this to: 2010.

…and continues
last update: 01/23 @ 10:51

I did some shoveling on the sidewalk and then Audrey and Robert came out to inspect and improve.

Sarah and Robert measured 15 inches so far. It’s still coming down and blowing around.

We did get one car dug out, but have no plans to take it anywhere — thank you Alexandria for plowing our street in case we did net to get out.

I anticipate some sledding a bit later today…

And maybe some more sidewalk clearing as well

Jan 22, 2016

And so it begins…
last update: 01/22 @ 15:38

They are calling for a serious storm this weekend. Government offices closed at noon; metro is closing for the weekend. And we went out early in the snowfall to check it out. For the record, it’s plenty cold enough to stick.

Jan 01, 2016

Star Wars Pilot
last update: 01/01 @ 16:59

After all his traveling this holiday season, Robert settled back in at home and turned some of the Christmas present boxes into an X-wing fighter (note the navigation droid on the wing behind him).

That idea may have come from either the first or second time we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

last update: 01/01 @ 16:55

December 25, 2015
This year we were back in Decatur for Christmas; many more photos in the vacations section.

Sarah G. Williams
last update: 01/01 @ 14:15

February 19, 1932 - December 24, 2015.

It’s been a tough Christmas season…

More notes in the Genealogy section.

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