Sarah Green Williams

February 19, 1932 - December 24, 2015

After a stroke and years battling Alzheimer's Sarah Williams passed away at 2:09 am December 24th,2015. She took her last breath as the final verse of Bobby McFerrin’s 23rd Psalm, an arrangement McFerrin had written for his mother, played on Loren's iPad. She is now reunited with her husband, Loren.

In lieu of flowers contributions may be made to:
Halcyon Hospice of Atlanta
St. Bartholomew's Episcopal Church Memorial Fund (service 12/29/15)
St. Luke's Episcopal Church Memorial Fund (service 1/30/16)

April 2, 2005.

Below are audio (MP3) files of Georgia Green interviewed by her daughter, Sarah Williams.
These may work best by downloading and playing locally; they are each about 30 minutes long and about 40MB. (And the DSL line here is not too fast...) Be ready to turn up the volume, it's pretty quiet.

First voice on Interview One is Sarah; second is Georgia; third (about halfway in) is Loren Williams Jr. The interviews were for Loren III, Steve and David to better understand that side of the family (their maternal grandmother and family). I don't know where the notes are that Sarah is clearly taking.

  • Interview One (Georgia's childhood and the Courthouse)
  • Interview Two (Georgia gardening, the Grove Avenue house, motorcycle ride, Bristol, Port Jarvis, NY and Fred)
  • Interview Three (health, names, Granddaddy's death, marriage to Fred, teaching, Norton, Georgia's and Fred's parents, woodpecker interview interruption, religion, Blanche living in the house, Sarah inspecting the Bristol Health Center where she was born)
  • Interview Four (Fred going in the post office, family myths: schooling and Julie's studies, values, china closet distribution, another bird interruption, alcohol use, other family health issues, nicknames: Jimmy, Scissorbill, Betty going to MCV, The Great Clothesline Pole story)
50th Wedding Anniversary.
Loren and Sarah on their 50th wedding anniversary trip to the beach.