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Sep 26, 2010

Potomac River
last update: 09/26 @ 21:35
This time, right downtown. We took the canoe to Theodore Roosevelt Island to paddle around. It’s less of a drive and the river is really pretty low for any of the sections with rapids. This was especially fun because there was a rowing regatta going on. Unfortunately, we couldn’t quite get where we wanted to, but it was fun to watch the shells racing.

Barbecue Chip Face
last update: 09/26 @ 21:25
Robert took over my bag of oragne, barbecue flavored potato chips and showed off my trick of pour the crumbs into his mouth. However, I like to think my aim is better than his (or perhaps, my mouth is bigger).

(The googles came from the Build and Grow clinic at Lowe’s yesterday: we made a Firetruck.)

Sep 11, 2010

Beautiful Day
last update: 09/11 @ 12:19
Sarah and Robert rented a bike with a bike trailer for the morning. I can’t not point out that the weather is very much like it was this day 9 years ago.

Sep 07, 2010

First Graders!
last update: 09/07 @ 12:52
Photo by SZap Ruby, Andrew and Robert on the first day of First Grade. The morning message looks like a really good start to Grade School.

New Jersey Shore
last update: 09/07 @ 12:44
Our now annual trip to Long Beach Island, New Jersey was a bit earlier this year to accommodate Robert’s school schedule. The week started well with the traditional reading to the boys. And we were fortunate that Hurricane Earl bounced off the North Carolina Outer Banks and went further east than expected; so not much of an impact on us. More photos in the vacations section.

Sep 06, 2010

Potomac River
last update: 09/06 @ 23:48
We made a quick trip on the Potomac at Violette’s Lock today. The weather was great (though the river was low). We paddled upstream to a little picnic area at Seneca Creek on the Maryland side before running down the Virginia channel.

(More beach pictures to come…)

Sep 03, 2010

Waiting for Earl
last update: 09/03 @ 08:26
Hanging out at the beach in New Jersey. The weather has been great until today; now we’re waiting for Earl (that link will likely be out of date in a couple days)— he’s supposed to be passing by this afternoon — but a long ways out to see so I doubt we’ll see much other than gray and rain.

Actually, I think we’re waiting for the kids to start to realize they’ve not been outside yet. The beach house is pretty good sized, but the fort they built in their bedroom is not overly large and is going to get old after a while, I think. Some a little sprinkle of rain so far — maybe we’ll go check out the beach soon…

I’ve been a little under the weather and mostly staying off the beach. But Robert and Sebi and Sarah and Oriana and Tom and Elle (and sometimes Luca) have been spending a lot of time on the pretty beach.

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