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Mar 29, 2005

You know you’re in trouble when…
last update: 03/29 @ 21:10
…you first see your son proudly standing. OK, he had some help this time getting to the couch to hold on to, but he’s looking hard at things that might be good to pull himself up on.

Mar 27, 2005

Still Sick
last update: 03/27 @ 21:37

Sadly, the males in the household had tummy-aches for most of the grey, rainy weekend. That didn’t stop Robert from getting up at 6:30am to play a little bit with Daddy. That didn’t last long though and they both bedded down for much needed naps.

Mar 22, 2005

Sleep seems to be theme….
last update: 03/22 @ 21:16
After a tummy ache, Sarah used a bear as a prop for Robert in his crib. He loves that!!!

Mar 20, 2005

Too quiet up there…
last update: 03/20 @ 20:02
Robert didn’t quite make it to his crib this evening… I hear a hard day on the Harley will do that to you.

Vroom, Vroom…
last update: 03/20 @ 19:32

Robert and Chris with Chris’s Harley. The plan is… When Robert wants a motorcycle, we take this picture out and tell him he had one but didn’t like it…. What do you think? Will it work?

It’s pretty scary how much he seemed to enjoy the view from there. And he came back inside (before the hail storm) and starting to make sounds that some would intrepret as motorcycle like. Where does he get it from?

Too many more photos in the March page.

Mar 13, 2005

last update: 03/13 @ 21:44
Robert and his best bud, Ciaran at Ciaran’s house. Mike and Cecily invited us over to dinner after a visit at the park. More photos in the March page.

Mar 10, 2005

Finding the Toybox
last update: 03/10 @ 14:34

When it’s too quiet you gotta wonder what Robert is up to. It would seem he found out what a “toybox” is. What a smart boy.

Mar 05, 2005

Prison Walls Going Up
last update: 03/05 @ 10:38
As Robert gets more mobile, we’re putting up new walls to keep him trapped in one room. The ikea shelves are the next change, they need to go. We have plans for that next month. As long as Robert doesn’t take up climbing before then, we might be OK.

You have to look closely to see the little scootcher behind the pillow in the lower third.

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