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Oct 31, 2021

last update: 10/31 @ 21:36

Guess who carved the F1 and NASCAR logos into their pumpkin this year?

Pretty cool — and excellent freehand work.

Oct 23, 2021

Last regular volleyball games
last update: 10/23 @ 14:27

The volleyball season is a pretty quick one.

The Titans held their own against two tough teams last night.

While they lost both matches, they put up a hard fight and there were some amazing volleys.

The tournament is in a week or so to cap the season.

Robert is going miss playing on this team. It’s been an amazing, interrupted four years.

Oct 15, 2021

Seattle and UW!
last update: 10/15 @ 16:06

Robert is interested in UW and we always enjoy the chance to visit with David Z. and Lynn. So when there was long weekend on the school calendar, Sarah arranged for tickets and a tour. David and Lynn arranged a great visit after the tour. More photos in the vacations section.

Oct 03, 2021

We can have fun outside too
last update: 10/03 @ 22:12

Robert had volleyball on Saturday.

That meant homework on Sunday.

Well… He also was hoping to watch the Talladega NASCAR race. But really he had homework.

Which meant he could not join us on the river.

Sarah borrowed his inflatable and we headed to Angler’s Inn.

It’s close, convenient and fun.

And it lived up to all three.

Great weather too!

We played a bit in the Maryland chute. Then headed across the river to the Virginia chute.

It was late enough in the fall day that the Virginia chute was in the shadows and a bit cool.

But very much fun.

We saw a lot of paddle boards. And a couple flotilla of kayaks. We even some some slalom boats — including a C1 — headed upstream.

Sorry, we only took selfies, so you have to trust us about the others.

Packed schedule
last update: 10/03 @ 11:20

The Titans Volleyball team fought hard yesterday, but they weren’t able to add more to the win column. Robert and the team are playing in the top division this year.

Oct 01, 2021

Vollyball, hard games
last update: 10/01 @ 18:54

There is a new archrival in town… While the Titans beat McLean on Tuesday, Thursday was very hard fought loss to Lake Braddock.

They just need to settle down and play their game on Saturday to get back into the goove.

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